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Memorable Christmas Gifts for Your Business Clients


Now you can be the source of everyone's favorite corporate gifts. We've got you covered. Here is our Christmas gift idea – Velosock bike or luggage cover with a unique design created just for you.

1. Custom made luggage cover

Actually, it is the best Christmas gift for everyone. Why? Because nowadays everyone travels! No matter whether it's business travel, a leisurely vacation or a weekend road trip or city break – traveling like a rock star fits any occasion.

Custom Design Luggage Cover

Custom design luggage cover for the Baltic Travel Group

Finally there is a no-hassle alternative to those disposable plastic wrapping services every time you travel and want to keep your luggage clean and scratch-free through airport handling. Also no more standing at the luggage carousel wondering which bag is yours. The Velosock luggage cover will serve from flight to flight and look just amazing.

2. Custom made indoor bike cover

Velosock bike covers are created for those who keep their bicycles in their living or working areas – it protects floors from that pesky dirt sticking to a bike after a ride and walls from those black tire marks. Who will be happy to have it? Companies that value green living, encourage employees to cycle to work and let them keep their bicycle at the office. And, of course, anyone who keeps their bicycle inside their home.

Velosock Indoor Bike Cover Custom design

Custom design bike cover for the largest Belgium Automobile Association VAB

You might want to know that this bike cover is patented and awarded with the most significant cycling industry awards like ISPO, Interbike and German Design Award. It's loved by cycling and innovative stuff influencers. And chosen by thousands of bicycle owners around the world. It’s the real thing the cycling world has been waiting for.


Put whatever you like on it – share the values of your company, choose an inspirational quote or create a breathtaking design and win your clients' hearts. We'll get it done.

Velosock Indoor Bicycle Cover with qoute

Custom design bike cover for Bozzuto Management Company

If you need a designer, we will help you with that too.

Gift wrapping included

Whichever product you choose, it will come in a cool gift box.

Velosock Cover Gift Wrapping


If you choose Velosock, you'll get an innovative and fun design product made from top quality materials, handled with care and created with love.

Have we already won your heart? 

Now let's give you an idea about the prices.

So – how do you get to be everyone's favorite gift provider? Drop us a line! Mareks will be glad to assist - business@velosock.com.