8 awesome gifts for cyclists getting back to school


You may still be enjoying summer, but the school season is just around the corner.

If you want to get something for your student this year, you better start looking for the ideal gift now to receive it on time for the first day of the school year.

But let us tell you:

Today students want something more than pens, notebooks and colorful backpacks. Giving kids only school-related stuff is like giving them socks for Christmas - in most cases, very disappointing.

As cycling enthusiasts ourselves, we turned the web upside down and found the best back-to-school gifts for cycling kids.

These gifts suit all tastes and budgets. And while good-looking and stylish, most of these presents are also incredibly practical.

So here you have it - 8 awesome gifts to get for your student (that you secretly want for yourself.)

1. VELOSOCK indoor bike cover

Back to school gift VELOSOCK indoor bike cover

There's one place for bikes, and it's indoors. That's how you keep your ride safe, dry and make it last longer.

Meanwhile, the VELOSOCK indoor bike cover helps you keep your walls safe from black tire marks, and floors from dirt and sands that you bring inside with your bike.

The best part?

The VELOSOCK cover is deliberately made of a breathable material that dries fast. That way, it also lets your bike stay dry and thus prevents rusting.

On top of all these practical things, this indoor bike cover just looks beautiful. With different designs to choose from, you'll definitely find one for your student.

Available at velosock.com for €49 and free worldwide shipping

2. Senscommon cyclist raincoat

Back to school gift Senscommon cyclist raincoat

This minimalist raincoat is designed for keeping cyclists dry, warm and safe. With reflective elements to keep the wearer safe and sound when riding in the dark.

Just think about it:

This raincoat makes your kid look boss, while keeping him or her visible and safe on the road. Is this a win-win or what?

Besides, the Senscommon raincoat is also super practical and comfortable. After all, it was designed specially for cyclists.

One of its main features is the split hem that snaps around the legs. The push-button fastening system lets you move freely while staying dry from head to knees. It also prevents the coat from flying around or blowing up in strong winds.

Made of custom, technological fabric (57% nylon, 43% polyester), the Senscommon raincoat is extremely durable, waterproof, wind-resistant yet breathable.

Available at senscommon.com for €330 and free shipping

3. Hövding invisible helmet

Back to school gift airbag helmet

Is it possible to wear a helmet while looking stylish? It sure is now, since the Swedish brand Hövding designed the airbag helmet.

It looks like a jacket collar (just without the jacket). But then, in case of an accident, it works as an airbag and protects the wearer against head injuries.

The collar is made of waterproof, dirt-repellent functional fabric that lays comfortably around the neck. Then, the airbag itself is designed as a hood and made of durable nylon fabric, which withstands scraping against the ground.

This airbag helmet only works once, which sounds very little for the price of €299. But then again, if that's what it takes to make your teen wear a helmet and stay safe, this might be worth the investment.

Available at hodving.com for €299 and free shipping

4. Seatylock bicycle seat and lock

Back to school gift Seatylock bike seat and lock

Seatylock is a product that combines a bicycle seat and a lock. It does exactly what you think: it functions as a bike seat while you ride, then turns into a lock when you need to park your bike.

The Seatylock bike seat connects to your bike with a special adaptor. That means you can use it with practically any bike. Hidden under the seat, there's a reliable, meter-long lock.

This bike lock-slash-seat, comes in various models, sizes and colors. Pick the one that suits the bicycle's style, as well as the rider's personal taste.

Available at seatylock.com for €109.22 ($129) and free shipping

5. Bookman Cup Holder

Back to school gift Bookmann coffee cup holder

Here's the perfect back-to-school gift for a coffee lover and bike rider in one. This coffee (or tea) cup holder attaches to the bicycle and keeps the mug in place - the makers of this gadget say it never loses its grip, so your coffee is safe even during rides over bumps and potholes.

The basic Bookman Cup Holder comes in 4 different colors, while they also offer a premium edition of the holder, which comes in silver and gold.

Available at bookman.se starting at €29

6. FIXA Bike Shelf

Back to school gift FIXA bike shelf

This minimalist-looking wooden bike shelf lets you store your bike in small spaces, like narrow corridors or student dorm rooms where you can barely find a spot for the ride. It attaches to the wall and lets you hang your bike, that way saving precious floor space.

While there are many bike docks that you can attach to the wall, this one stands out with its beautiful and functional design.

The FIXA Bike Shelf also functions as a shelf and has a storage space under the cover panel. In the 14.5 x 40 x 40 cm storage box you can keep your small biking accessories, like biking gloves, or bike lock keys.

Available at wearechrome.com for €170.00 + shipping

7. Inspirational poster ''Ride Miles For Smiles''

Back to school gift inspirational poster

You know how high schools may be tough. But sometimes, all you need to get through it is an extra dose of motivation. This poster provides just that.

Designed by the artist Anthony Oram, this poster design is simple enough to fit in any room interior, making it a more inspirational place to be.

This poster comes in one size, 30 x 40 cm, and a framing option of your choice in black, white or bare oak. A hanging pack is also provided, so you can put it on the wall right away.

Available at www.anthonyoram.com for €39.12 (£35) + shipping

8. Ass Saver mudguard

Back to school gift Ass Saver mudguard

This little gadget saves your butt from dirt and mud when you drive in wet weather. Some bikes already come with mudguards, but for those who don't (like most fixed gear bikes) the Ass Saver is the perfect solution.

It is light and small enough to throw it in a bag and take with you wherever you go. Then, if the rain comes, pull it out and install it under your saddle. This mudguard will reduce the dirt spray on your back, helping you stay clean and dry.

The Ass Saver mudguards fit 95% of all standard bike saddles and comes in various colors and designs. You can also order an Ass Saver with your own design.

Available at ass-savers.com for €10 + shipping

Have a gift to add? Let us know in the comments below!