5 scary things to do this Halloween with your bike

1.    Take a night ride to a local abandoned house

Bonus if it includes pathways through forests and/or a cemetery. You know, for added effect. If visiting an abandoned house isn't spooky enough, you'll really get the most of the Halloween spirit by heading there through an eerie setting...rustling leave, a dry branch cracking in the wind...and who knows, maybe it was a even ghost. It's totally possible that you'll ditch the haunted house and pedal home much faster than as you arrived...we suggest you don't look back.

2.    Go on a Halloween bike ride with your friends

Photo: www.jimsbikeblog.wordpress.com

The task - each person has to create a costume for themselves and their bike. Ideally one that includes the bike in the idea. This event doesn't have to be scary, just as pleasant as you are, and showing off your bikes to unsuspecting passers-by. Then again, you never know what'll happen en-route.

Here are some costume ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

  Photos: www.reddit.com, www.suessmichael.de

3.   Organize an outdoor scary movie screening deep in the woods

Hand out a map to each of your friends. Arrival by bike only, on a pre-planned route. Along the way, set up some creepy sweet surprises, and greet them with snacks, drinks and plenty of blankets.

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4. Ride over to the local candy shop

Photo: www.favim.com

Indulge! This is the one time of year where no one cares how much candy you eat, and no amount of chocolate is enough to cause raised eyebrows at the cash register. Besides, if doesn't count if you biked there, right?

5.   Host a Halloween house party

Put on a fun party for your friends. Yes, it has to be a costume party. Leave your bike to the side, dressed up in it's skull VELOSOCK® bike cover so it doesn't feel left out. Take care of the decorations, carve a jack o'lantern, and put together some tasty Halloween snacks.

We wish you a scary Halloween!

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