VELOSOCK Bike Covers at Challenge Roth 2019

VELOSOCK Bike Covers at Challenge Roth 2019

Summer is a great time to discover new places, and this year the VELOSOCK team chose a very special destination — Roth, Germany. Every July, this small Bavarian town goes global when huge crowds of spectators (over 260,000) go there to see Challenge Roth — the legendary triathlon race established in 1984. This year, over 3,400 individual athletes and 650 teams from 76 nations came to Roth to compete in one of the most famous long-distance triathlon courses.

We were thrilled to be part of the Triathlon Expo, the largest global event of its kind. Located next to the Triathlon Roth finishing-line stadium, the Expo brings together over 100 market-leading producers of top-notch biking, running and swimming equipment and accessories.

VELOSOCK sales executive Gustavs Gotauts shared his impressions: “Becoming partners with Challenge Family, the long-time organizer of the Roth Challenge, gave us a superb opportunity to showcase our product, meet our clients in person, witness them in action and get valuable feedback. We were proud to present our brand new VELOSOCK Challenge Family triathlon full bike cover, as well as to see athletes using our bike covers score some of the highest results — including Andreas Dreitz, the overall winner of the male race.”

Velosock at Challenge Roth with Andreas Dreitz

At the Expo, we were excited to receive kudos from dedicated VELOSOCK users and genuine interest from those unfamiliar with our product. Clients using our bicycle covers on a daily basis stressed how VELOSOCK makes transporting bikes and storing them indoors much easier. Many praised the moisture-absorbing fabric that keeps their bikes dry in the transition zone. We also see how more triathletes choose custom-design VELOSOCK covers to stand out from the crowd and showcase their sponsors and partners in an innovative way. At the same time, popular brands like Erdinger, that support their own triathlon teams, have also come to appreciate personalized VELOSOCK bike covers.

On coming home, we all felt that the positive vibe and energy we received during our four days at Challenge Roth 2019 will be enough to keep us going for a whole year — right until the next race! Events like this are our best motivation to give all we’ve got at work just like athletes do for a challenge. Some of us, like Gustavs, have even started preparing for our first triathlon! We are set to attend other races organized by Challenge Family, to reach more athletes and amateur bikers seeking to handle and store their bikes in a more comfortable way. We believe the world deserves to meet VELOSOCK in person — and we are eager to introduce it!


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