First step - Upload the background image or choose the background color!

We recommend using horizontal 3000 pixel image to ensure optimal quality on a printed product.

Second step - edit the side A of cover.

You can add filters, stickers, logo or text, if you like. Afterwards press apply so save all the edits.

On the side B, use ''copy'' or ''mirror'' functions to create the design!

You can also upload a different picture or a design if you like.

Third step - when both sides are ready, press "buy" and continue to check out!


How fast can I receive my order?

Custom design production time after purchasing is around 1 week. 

Can I use vertical photos?

Sure, but we recommend using horizontal 3000-pixel image to ensure optimal quality on a printed product.

Can I use low quality picture for my design?

Yes, you can! Our Custom Design Editor includes the feature of algorithm that upscales the quality of used image, therefore actually we improve in our editor the image for further product design production! Please take into consideration, very low-quality images cannot be improved in HD by Custom Design Editor, but improvement of an image still is significant.

How do I add my logo to the design?

Simply choose to add sticker to your design edit and upload your logo in .jpg or .png format.

Can I change the design after ordering it?

Currently there is no option to change the design after submitting one already. Please contact our Customer Service at support@velosock.com if something unexpected happened.

What pictures should I use?

We recommend to use pictures form personal archives or choose copy-right free images for custom design.

Can I use Google photos?

Currently we are working on this function to be available soon.

Will my design be available publicly to others?

Only, if you allow us

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Simple effective and #stunning 😍

We are a small independent workshop and have been working with Velosock for the past few years both promoting and generating customised products for our customers which has has been amazing. From design, portability all the way through to delivery it's been fantastic and will no doubt be back again soon for another custom project. Thank you velosock 😍

Excellent TT bike cover

i made custom TT bike cover to protect my bike on my 2000km trip to Norseman triathlon in Eidfjord, Norway. It was mostly rainy all the way. However it is not waterproof It did its job and looks like new after that. Only problem to solve was the water came inside my rear carbon wheel. But that was fixed easily. Installation by two people is the question of 3 minutes :) I really recommend it!

Gorazd Repše
Velosock - innovative & nice looking

I was really looking forward in receiving this product, especially as it can be fully customized, looks just great, fits perfectly and after prepping my bike for another triathlon event - it will be well protected come race day! What is there not to like? :-)

The most beautiful sock

Very happy with my personalized velosock ! The colors are just amazing I was really not expecting that level of quality ! The delivery to Switzerland was so fast it was just perfect ! Happy to have my velosock to protect my bike during the tough travel times !

Essential for high quality bikes

I don't want to miss the cover anymore; the bikes always reach their destination dry and clean. The ability to order your own design is another highlight. It's a bit fiddly to put the covers on, but once you get the hang of it, it's doable. Unfortunately, the height of the zips for the arms of the bike carrier does not fit (for our bikes), but the fabric is very stretchy.
Very clear purchase recommendation, if you take care of your bike.