5 highlights from the Eurobike show 2016

5 highlights from the Eurobike show 2016

We've just returned from the Eurobike show 2016. In case you don't remember, it's the biggest cycling industry event in Europe, held in Germany. It's specifically here that new products and inventions are unveiled every year.

Here are 5 products that caught our eyes.

1. The biggest technology breakthrough - Argon 18

A sensor-laden unit for triathlon bikes that will allow average triathletes to fine tune their aero positions. And it's not exclusively for triathletes. Launching next year, it will be available in a much smaller format to be used for any road or tri bike.

Crazy, no?

Here's how it works. The “brain” of the unit sits on the front of the bike, and collects and computes all of the data collected from 22 sensors on/around the bike in real time. The sensors include: strain gauges, accelerometers, proximity sensors, wind-speed sensors, proximity gauges, a barometer, and optional body sensors. Because of the real-time and post-ride feedback, the rider will be able to analyze their position for optimal aerodynamics.

2. Power meters in shoe soles by Luck

A hands down impressive novelty revealed at the Eurobike show is the Luck Potentiometer. It measures the power and cadence of each leg through a power meter sensor that's placed under the ball of your foot. The information is processed by a smartphone via Bluetooth and integrates with the Lucky app or other cycling apps like Garmin Edge.

The only catch - the Luck Potentiometer can only be attached to Luck shoes.

3. The first Yeti Plus bike SB5+

The first Yeti Plus bike on the market. The Plus version of the mountain bike features wider tires than the traditional mountain bike, offering a more forgiving downhill experience. The Yeti Plus bike features 5” wheels on 27,5” tires. A revamped 437 mm chainstay, 67,1 degree head angle, 150 mm fork and 127 mm of rear suspension. Making it a well-rounded trail bike.

4. The Colnago Concept - a proper aero bike

As with any new bike concept, this is also “to make it faster”. Well-known Italian bike maker Colnago has announced “Concept”, their first proper aero bike. Ultra lightweight at 990g (without paint), and 400g for the fork. It also approaches stiffness to contend with the C60 and V1-r, but with less vertical compliance.

Tested in a wind tunnel, the Concept reportedly went through 41 iterations to find the ultimate aerodynamic frame. The frame will come in 8 sizes and 4 colours, and is expected to hit stores before the end of 2016. And just in case you were wondering, yes, the VELOSOCK® will fit all of them.

5. Rapha releases its first ever cycling helmet

Believe it or not, a helmet never has been part of the Rapha collection, despite being a leader in cycling apparel. Now it is. And it's cool. In a collaboration with Giro helmet manufacturer, they've based the design on their leading Synthe helmet style, but with a more streamlined design.

Aero vents on the sides and at the back set the Rapha helmet apart from the Synthe. It has added MIPS safety features to reduce crash impact. But what it does have in common with the Synthe is the Roc Loc air fit system, an in-mould polycarbonate shell with EPS liner and an internal Roll Cage reinforcement.

Though it's not on the Rapha website yet, keep an eye out, because it should be up soon for public purchase.


Thomas De Gendt’s polka-dot Ridley Tour de France bike has been stolen

Yes, it actually happened, despite all odds and safety precautions. We call on the thief to come to his/her senses and return the bicycle to the owner. Since the bike features unique paintwork, it will be hard to resell this icon on the open market. The frame itself can go for 2989 Eur / 3335 USD. 

This reminds us that no one is protected for bike theft. Not even if you are Thomas De Gent and not even if you're at the largest cycling show in the Europe.

But let's finish on a positive note. There is one, actually two things, we can't not share with you. Look at these gloves, are they the coolest or most creepy things you have ever seen? Imagine if you drop one on the sidewalk, it could be quite a scary moment for some passers-by :D

It was so amazing and inspiring to meet our partners and clients and of course, see for ourselves what awaits the future of cycling! See you next year, Eurobike!

Photos by VELOSOCK® and via Road.cc, Eurobike-Show.com

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