First step - Upload the background image or choose the background color!

We recommend using horizontal 3000 pixel image to ensure optimal quality on a printed product.

Second step - edit the side A of cover.

You can add filters, stickers, logo or text, if you like. Afterwards press apply so save all the edits.

On the side B, use ''copy'' or ''mirror'' functions to create the design!

You can also upload a different picture or a design if you like.

Third step - when both sides are ready, press "buy" and continue to check out!


How fast can I receive my order?

Custom design production time after purchasing is around 1 week. 

Can I use vertical photos?

Sure, but we recommend using horizontal 3000-pixel image to ensure optimal quality on a printed product.

Can I use low quality picture for my design?

Yes, you can! Our Custom Design Editor includes the feature of algorithm that upscales the quality of used image, therefore actually we improve in our editor the image for further product design production! Please take into consideration, very low-quality images cannot be improved in HD by Custom Design Editor, but improvement of an image still is significant.

How do I add my logo to the design?

Simply choose to add sticker to your design edit and upload your logo in .jpg or .png format.

Can I change the design after ordering it?

Currently there is no option to change the design after submitting one already. Please contact our Customer Service at support@velosock.com if something unexpected happened.

What pictures should I use?

We recommend to use pictures form personal archives or choose copy-right free images for custom design.

Can I use Google photos?

Currently we are working on this function to be available soon.

Will my design be available publicly to others?

Only, if you allow us

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Guido Singer
custom cover

The custom cover is way better than i expected.


Two buys in one week, a great immediate service and reliability !
Thank you so much for such an excellent care and efficiency!

Great cover

I’ll climb the Mon Ventoux for the disease ALS in Juni (‘23) and created this special cover for this event. thanks Velosock!! #tourduals

Alessia Bellino
Amazing gift!

It was an amazing gift for my boyfriend's birthday, because it's a good quality, useful and very nice bicycle cover, but also because I have designed both sides of the cover by myself in a very personalized way with drawings and markings which make it unique! As you can see, he really appreciated it (we were just come back from a beautiful ride together)! Thanks!!!
#paltrofixed cover made with love by Alessia Bellino - Italy

So good!

This exceeded my expectations by far. The look, the stitching, the feel of the fabric everything "breath" quality. And I'm really pleased with my personal design. Great comercial value on the back of my car this summer. Thanks Velosock! 👍