VELOSOCK is the indoor bike storage solution pioneer, leading the global market of bicycle covers with unmatched design and quality. Based in the EU, VELOSOCK draws inspiration from its Nordic heritage of profound cycling culture and delivers a unique bike storing solution that is now used worldwide.

We strive for: functionality, durability, simplicity. The mission is to protect the cyclist's most precious companion - the bike - in the most efficient manner and ensure that all bicycles can accompany their riders anytime and anyplace.

Company specializes in bike storage solutions for professional cyclists, as well as casual riders, providing all-round coverage to keep the bicycle clean and protected at all times.

With covers, cyclists now have the freedom to take the bicycle inside their apartments, hotel rooms, cars, public transportation without the least amount of worry for damaging the ride or leaving dirt and debris on the floors. With VELOSOCK, it is always a win-win situation.

We are a team of enthusiastic innovators that collaborates with top-ranking cycling legends and their teams, matching their unique style and performance. Furthermore, VELOSOCK has won several design awards, including the world-renowned A'Design Award, and special mention in the German Design Award Special 2016.

Suited for cyclists of any level and discipline, VELOSOCK has proven to be at the top level of bike accessories and is the choice for pros and enthusiasts alike. With VELOSOCK, you're paving the way for a better bike storing experience.


To enhance cycling experience by offering premium quality, easy-to-use bicycle covers for storage and transportation