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Indoor bike cover

Finally, there's a brilliant bicycle storage solution to avoid messing up your floors and walls when you bring your bicycle inside. Meet VELOSOCK®, the World's First Indoor Bike Cover for home, office and car.

Water-Repellent Full Bike Cover

This cover envelopes your bike from handles to wheels and protects it from indoor grime, as well as dirt, sand and salt during transportation.


This children's bicycle cover keeps sand, mud and other debris out of the house after outings on a bicycle. Cover patterns are specially designed to fit in your child's bedroom.


A comfort that will leave you feeling celestial – like you could orbit the Earth while riding through the everyday rollercoaster that is life.


Functionally designed luggage covers for keeping your luggage clean and safe on your journey. Makes your suitcase stand out from the crowd.


Your exercise ball doesn't have to be boring! Give it character – give it a Velosock cover. And that way you might be inspired to use it more often!


Kristina Krumina

Great! I bought bike cover as a gift for a birthday for my boyfriend. It does what it promises – it really helps to keep our apartment's floors and walls clean from bike dirt.

Kristina Krumina
Davis Ziedins

Excellent and useful! With luggage cover my suitcase is standing out because of this amazing skull-designed. Now I easy can find my luggage at baggage claim.

Davis Ziedins
Keiran Docherty

It is great! Not only me, but also my girlfriend really appreciates the flat being cleaner now that I have Velosock bike cover. And it was fast delivery!

Keiran Docherty
J. R.

The best solution! Velosock bike cover solved the problem of bringing all the dirt from my daily rides into the house. It also added to the interior design, which is awesome.

J. R.
Sergey Bessonov

Wonderful invention! Bike cover fits so well in my small apartment and keeps it clean! Today for the first time for many years cycling in the rain I was not afraid to come dirty.

Sergey Bessonov
Velosock Awards

Design awards we've won

Design professionals worldwide praise VELOSOCK for the innovative idea. Here are some iconic design awards we've received.

As featured on

Live in an apartment? Alienating your flatmates and/or loved ones with muddy bikes left in the hallway? Then you, my friend, might need the Velosock.

Jamie Beach & Aoife Glass

For those looking for something that goes beyond a bell or horn for the newlywed bicyclists, it is a useful and unusual gift.

Marianne Rohrlich

The sock will definitely help keep grease off objects surrounding your bike and any mud is kept contained within the sock.

Andreas Kambanis

Ein Start-up aus Lettland hat eine praktische Schutzhülle entwickelt, die das edle Parkett schont.

Holger Dambeck

Uber-stretchy to fit over any bike frame, covering the tires and keeping your space clean.


It’s easily reversible so you can clean it as needed, and is machine washable for even more convenience.

Mike Newman

Unique and innovative bicycle cover, which is all about keeping your apartment clean in a stylish way.

Brian Farmer

Great for urban commuters that keep their bike in their apartment, or in the office.

Bless This Stuff

A bicycle cover designed to keep your place tidy, even after riding over dirt, sand and debris.

Sam Jordan

Requires little maintenance and is easily washable in machines when it gets dirty.

Hasse Lemola

This brilliant creation straps around your tires and allows for a much cleaner biking lifestyle.

Jesse James

Functional designed product intended to prevent debris from being brought into a room.

Design You Trust

The Velosock is a simple, ingenious solution to the problem.

Short List

Velosock gives a new meaning to the definition of a bicycle cover with its unique technology and design.


Velosock are keen to point out the cover can also be handy when transporting the bike by car or on public transport.

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan

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