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Live in an apartment? Alienating your flatmates and/or loved ones with muddy bikes left in the hallway? Then you, my friend, might need the Velosock.

For those looking for something that goes beyond a bell or horn for the newlywed bicyclists, it is a useful and unusual gift.

The sock will definitely help keep grease off objects surrounding your bike and any mud is kept contained within the sock..

Ein Start-up aus Lettland hat eine praktische Schutzhülle entwickelt, die das edle Parkett schont.

Uber-stretchy to fit over any bike frame, covering the tires and keeping your space clean.

It’s easily reversible so you can clean it as needed, and is machine washable for even more convenience.

Unique and innovative bicycle cover, which is all about keeping your apartment clean in a stylish way.

Great for urban commuters that keep their bike in their apartment, or in the office.

A bicycle cover designed to keep your place tidy, even after riding over dirt, sand and debris.