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Keep your bicycle at your office

If you comute from home to office on your bike, this is the perfect companion for you!

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A piece of art

Keep your office clean while having peace of mind that your bike is safe with you

Perfect in any interior

Your bicycle in the cover will look stunning anywhere you place it


Fits 99% of all bikes

We've made bike covers from high quality strechable material. It will fit your bike!

Take your bicycle to the office without making a mess!

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Design and print your cover

Let your imagination flow and capture your favorite moments, people or memories on the bicycle cover!

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Even your grandma can fit it on a bike all by herself! It's made of the stretchiest fabric in the market – with no zippers, clips or fasteners to get stuck on bicycle parts. Super easy!

1. Place the front wheel of your bike inside the VELOSOCK® 
2. Place your foot inside the VELOSOCK®. With the aid of your foot, pull the sock back, up and around the pedals and the back wheel. 
3. With your hands gently pull the VELOSOCK® over the back wheel.

Our Indoor Covers fit adult bikes with overall length (from outer part of front wheel to outer part of back wheel) up to 1.90 m and wheel size up to 29 inches.

We do also have the Indoor Bike Cover in size L/XL for larger bikes ranging from 1.95 up to 2.15 m in length and wheel size up to 29 inches. These are available in all three plain colours. Other designs are available upon request.

Proper measuring of the full length of your bike: please measure the full circumference of your bike's length at the level of farthest outer points of front and rear wheels.

Absolutely! You can create your own bicycle cover at

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