7 Best Bike Rack Covers for Cyclists (2022 update)

7 protective bike covers for car racks

When it comes to taking a road trip with your bicycle, you may be concerned about driving so vast distances.
Aside from having the proper bicycle rack, it is also a good idea to have a sturdy bicycle cover.
We don't need to remind you that your bicycle has monetary and emotional worth if you're a regular rider. 

Covering your bicycle at home, in a garage, or in a shed may seem to be a piece of cake.

When you reach the road, though, the necessity to protect your bicycle becomes more essential. And the answers are much trickier. 

Which cover would best suit your vehicle and bicycle rack type? Which bicycle cover would be the safest for driving on the highway? 

And will it look decent (instead of giving an impression that you’re dragging a parachute)? 

Plus, if your bicycle is precious to you, you also want to make sure that you also cover the bicycle frame, wheels, handlebars, and, well, the rest of your bicycle.

In this article, we’ve listed 7 types of bicycle covers for cars that will shield your ride as you embark on your enthralling adventures.

1.Velosock bike cover for car racks

If you want to transport your bike with style, VELOSOCK probably is the best-looking cover on this list. In addition to protecting your bicycle from dirt and prying eyes, it looks just great.

The VELOSOCK full cover is available in three models suitable for road bikes, MTB bikes, and triathlon bikes. Thanks to the zippered openings on the sides and the bottom, this tight-fit cover can be used with various types of car trunk racks, as well as inside the trunk.

VELOSOCK’s high-quality, water-resistant fabric protects the bike from road dust, small stones, direct sunlight, salt, insects and other elements. The elastic cover envelops 100% of your bike so all its moving parts are fully protected. Furthermore, the tight fit of the cover will reduce flapping and drag to the minimum.

Putting on the VELOSOCK cover takes less than 30 seconds thanks to its stretchy fabric and a zipper that runs lengthwise along the top of the bicycle.

An important advantage - it will also work nicely when storing your ride on a rack inside the house, in a garage or bike shed.

Best ‘pro’: The best-looking bike cover for car racks - thanks to its innovative design and tight fit.

Biggest ‘con’: not suitable for rooftop racks.

Price: €179.99 Velosock.com

2. Formosa Covers Bike Cover for Car

The rack cover from Formosa Covers is extremely highly reviewed by Amazon buyers.
It covers your bike and protects it from any weather you may face when carrying a cycle.

This bike cover also has two enormous semi-transparent pieces, which is extremely interesting.  

Unlike other poor transit bike coverings which don’t offer such safety.

Most bike rack coverings obscure your vehicle's taillight, which may lead to accidents. 

The two reflecting glass panels on this cover also enable the taillight to shine through. 

It is made for one or two bikes but can adjust to fit up to four standard bikes. 

This heavy-duty bike cover fits standard and extended wheelbase bikes and works well for transit via car, truck, trailer, SUV, and RV. 

The Formosa cover allows for simple installation - it has buckle straps on the top to tie down your cover and works with bikes facing the same or different directions.  

There are enough straps and zippers to secure the cover on the bikes to minimize flapping in the wind. 

This bicycle cover stands out with its safety features: 

  • The night reflector piping.
  • Reflective silver panels on both ends.
  • See-through PVC for tail lights.

The thick and highly weather-resistant material is another advantage of this cover that enables traveling in snow or rain. 

Formosa completely encloses the bikes and seals at the hitch so you can rest assured that rain, road debris, and nasty weather will not damage your precious two-wheelers. 


  • Perfect for platform bike racks.
  • Very durable and made from high-quality clothing.


  • There may be a lack in the design department of this cover.

Price: $70 - $140 

You can check out this bike rack cover from Amazon here.

3. Fabguard Waterproof Bike Cover

Fabguard coverings are well-known for their soft feel, vibrant patterns, and extended lifespan.  

A unique three-in-one combination of comfort, style, and affordability.

These bicycle covers for two bikes additionally have extra straps and a cargo net to make it easy to tighten the cover and provide greater coverage when the wind and rain are blowing heavily. 

Its transport on rack systems is much larger than ordinary bike transport covers and can fully cover two regular mountain bikes, Ebikes, road bikes, BMX bikes, and other child or adult bicycles. 

It is made from a more dependable oxford fabric that is water-resistant, robust enough to withstand high winds, and resistant to road grit and grime. 


  • High quality and good construction.


  • It is not one of the better-looking covers.

Price: $75 

You can check out this bike rack cover from Amazon here. 

4.Team Obsidian Transportation Bike Cover

The Bike Cover from TeamObsidian is a heavy-duty cover meant to withstand all four seasons. They come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate up to three bikes. 

It has adjustable straps and a central clasp for a secure fit over your bicycle. 

The cover is composed of tough, waterproof material. It is intended to prevent ripping while also keeping the elements out. 

It has two additional security holes, one in the front and one in the rear, for more protection. 

They also feature fluorescent strips going down both sides to help you find your bike at night. 

TeamObsidian's goods come with a two-year guarantee. This demonstrates that they are prepared to stand behind the quality of their work. 

If anything goes wrong with your cover during the first two years, they will replace or repair it at no cost to you. Assisting you in achieving peace of mind. 

One disadvantage of this product though is that it is not recommended for use when your bike is on vehicle racks. 

This is a little concerning since you want your bike to be safe when driving in your vehicle. 

But you should consider the Team Obsidian Bike Cover if you need a long-lasting bike cover that will keep your bike safe all year. 


  • The material this cover is made from is extremely good quality and durable.
  • Really good-looking cover and has a really good shape when on.


  • A bit thin.
  • The clasps are not high quality.

Price: $59.99 

You can check out this bike rack cover from Amazon here. 

5. PRO BIKE TOOL Bicycle Cover

This high-quality bike cover is composed of the toughest materials available. Providing optimum weather protection. 

The cover for the Pro Bike is composed of high-quality 'ripstop' cloth. 

Rip-Stop is constructed from a durable nylon and polyester blend. 

While no bike cover material is impervious to damage. This extra-durable cloth is as near to a bike cover as you can get. 

If the cover is broken or shredded, its particular design will reduce the damage. 

This cover was designed to endure the worst weather conditions. 

Its double stitching and sealed seams prevent leaks even in heavy rain. 

The Pro Bike cover also has a front lock-hole for enhanced security against thieves. 

You may secure your bike while shielding it from the weather by threading a chain or cable through.

Adjustable straps and elastic bands give a tight and secure fit over your bike.

Even in the fiercest gusts, this will help keep your bike protected!

It was intended to accommodate a variety of bicycles, including mountain bikes, BMX bikes, road bikes, and racing bikes.

It is unclear if Pro Bike provides a guarantee on their goods. It would be a disadvantage if they did not. 

When not in use, this cover comes with a handy storage bag. 

One feature that distinguishes Pro Bike's cover from the competition is that they recommend utilizing the cover when your bike is on bike racks. 

You must secure your bike properly so that the wind doesn't shred the cover while you're traveling.    


  • 'Ripstop' 300D Oxford Fabric is very sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Waterproof and anti-UV material with PU coating keeps your bike safe.


  • The understrap is of very poor quality.

Price: $39.99 - $69.99 

You can check out this bike rack cover from Amazon here. 

6. Skinz Hitch Rack Rear Transport Cover

This cover is the most long-lasting and appropriate for long-distance trips.  

It is made of waterproof materials and keeps bikes clean and dry while protecting them from salt and road filth.

The big zipper opening with twin pulls and elastic cinch makes this cover simple to put on.

Straps on the sides and heavyweight webbing with top buckles provide a snug, secure fit.

Safety features like as luminous strips and transparent tail light panels are a bonus. 

Skinz Transport Covers protect bikes on hitch racks. 

Light Kit improves the visibility of brake lights for additional safety. 

You can also sew the straps into the cover to tighten the cloth down and prevent it from flying. 

Just check the cover and adjust the straps as required. If it seems that extra straps are required, add them.  

You can also check for movement and determine whether the cover is flapping or wearing in any specific area and adjust as necessary. 

You may also want to cover anything that may tend to “poke” or “wear through” the cover (ie ends of handlebars, tips of hand brake controls), remove or cover outward-facing pedals, etc.   

Another thing about these Skinz Covers is that water-resistant, although they may get saturated if exposed to heavy rain over a lengthy period. 

To allow for drainage, grommets are stitched into the bottom of the cover.

The cover is intended to keep your bike clean and clear of dirt, salt, and road grime, as well as to protect them from the brutal pounding of rain. 


  • Made of permeable nylon material that enables the wind to flow through to reduce drag.
  • Fits any kind of hitch rack presently available on the market. 


  • Pretty expensive.

Price: $344.99 

You can check out this bike rack cover from here.

7. Skinz Protective Gear Rear Transport Cover

Skinz Protective Gear is one of the most forward-thinking makers of bicycle covers.  

Skinz Protective Gear fitted a light kit to their new rear cargo cover for bicycles to provide comprehensive visibility when the tail lights are covered.  

Aside from the newly upgraded materials, this also has cinch straps for further security. 

It is one of the best bicycle covers in terms of total product dimensions. 

Its extra-large size lets you comfortably cover up to four standard-sized bikes. 

It is made of a strong waterproof polyester canvas. 

Its materials and seams are properly put together to ensure that it stays weather-resistant and waterproof regardless of how strong the deluge is.

Although polyester canvas deteriorates with time, this rear cargo bicycle cover will serve its goal of protecting your bike from the elements for a longer period.  

This bicycle transport cover comes with a one-year manufacturer's guarantee. 

Because of its sheer size, this rear cargo bicycle may also be used for a variety of purposes. 

It is designed to accommodate up to four standard-sized bicycles and has a light kit that can be readily linked to trailer lights. 

This rear transport bicycle cover has multiple well-placed cinch buckle straps for quickly securing the bicycles to the mounted rack. 

Because of its big hole, it is easy to glide through without snagging on any part of the bike.  

The light kit is also quite simple to put together. It comes with a wire harness, and all you need to do is connect it to your trailer's lighting system. 


  • Three to four bicycles may be accommodated at the same time.
  • Extra-large zipper pull.
  • Kit with integrated lighting.
  • Reflective tape.


  • Not as simple to operate as the prior model.

Price: $210 - $240 

You can check out this bike rack cover from Amazon here. 


+ bonus PRO BIKE TOOL Bicycle Cover for Travelling 

Bike owners strongly suggest this bike cover. This cover is simple to use and can resist any windy day, thanks to its handles and adjustable buckles. 

Its durability is unrivaled, thanks to the use of high-quality oxford cloth, and it will maintain your bike in tip-top form. 

For added protection, the Pro Bike Cover incorporates a lock-hole design in the front for chain, cable, or U/D-locks. 

It includes an adjustable buckle strap and a toggle elasticated bike wheel that keeps it firmly in place even on windy days. 

You can rely on it to protect your bike since it is made of a robust and incredibly durable RIPSTOP oxford fabric.  

The double stitching design guarantees that your bike is completely secure from any kind of harm provided by the sun, wind, or any other external causes. 


  • Amazing reflective safety loops that enable you to quickly install and remove the cover.
  • The elasticized border of the cover is intended to offer a secure fit on any bike. 


  • It's a tad bulky, which makes portability difficult.
  • Water ultimately finds its way inside due to pooling.

Price: $39.99 - $69.99 

You can check out this bike rack cover from Amazon here.


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