How to create your custom bicycle cover for bike rack

How to create your custom bicycle cover for bike rack

After the first successful launch of Online Design Editor, our community demanded full bike covers as well - so now we are more than excited to announce that Online Design Editor - a tool that unlocks limitless possibilities to put your creativity on a bike cover, will now have option to customize MTB, ROAD and TRIATHLON bicycles too! 

 We’ve tried to make the process as easy as possible, so you don’t need to spend too much time on creating your design. In this blog we want to walk you through the steps, possibilities and some tips to create your perfect bicycle cover for bike rack. 

 Firstly choose from 4 different options to create the bike cover you want - an INDOOR cover or a full cover for ROAD, TRIATHLON or MTB bicycle. Our cover fits 99% of all adult bicycles, but in case you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact our support team, and they will help you to decide on the best size full bike cover! 

After that, upload the background image or choose the background color!  

Background colors are great, if you want to put the emphasis on a logo or some quote, while pictures will work like a piece of art on your cover. 

We recommend using a horizontal 3000-pixel image to ensure optimal quality on a printed product.  

It’s better to avoid the use of white color for background due to practical aspects of product usage (chain oil, dirty wheels, mud, etc.).

After choosing the picture or background color, you can zoom or rotate the picture, add some filtersstickers and logos, put some text on the cover to get the desired result.  

You can copy or mirror the same picture on both sides, or you can add a different picture on the other side to have more aesthetic options during bicycle transportation or storage! 

When editing the picture, you’ll notice the stretch zone, in this area we do not recommend placing any texts, logos, faces or important details as the area is supposed to stretch, and there could be sewing lines - in that way it might change the shape of the printed details. Plain colors and neutral backgrounds there are most recommended.

Also pay attention to the cut line with scissor icons, make sure to not place over important details of your design over the cut lines (like being placed on the face or a logo). 

However, we do double-check each customer's design before printing, and if we see some areas that might be problematic we’ll contact you, as well as our tailors will do their best to match the physical product with the design you created online. 

You can create your own custom bicycle cover for 199.99 EUR and we will produce and ship it out within 2-3 business days after placing the order! 

To make sure your cover lasts longer, we’re also adding free pedal covers for each order! 

For some extra inspiration take a look at some covers we’ve already made: 

Hope this blog was useful and inspirational for you to create your own unique bike cover that will not only protect your bike, keep the surroundings clean, but will also look stunning! 

Create your own cover design here .

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    Hi, what fabric are the covers made fro please?

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