Make your bicycle storage at home a piece of art: vol 2

Make your bicycle storage at home a piece of art: vol 2

You did it. You chose your VELOSOCK, bought it's finally in your loving hands. Great.

Now let's find the best spot in the room to show off your velosocked bike. Yes, my friend, when you will have a covered bike, it will be like having a new toy. Your bike will never be the same as before, also your room will never be the same. You'll see.

Here are some ideas for where to show off your bicycle.

1. On a book shelf


This looks kind of fancy. When guests come in, the first thing they say will “Wow, this looks amazing!”. O yeah, this is a winner! Though you'll probably find that removing your bike from the shelf on an everyday basis is not the most comfortable. That's why this spot is best to store your bike between seasons or for longer non-use periods. Be creative - it's also nice decor for house party.

2. On a bike rack


Bike racks are cool. Bike rack plus your bicycle - they'll definitely hit it off. Bike rack plus your bicycle covered in a VELOSOCK - instant rock star. It's like your bike having its own SPA zone to relax. It has its own place and VELOSOCK will help keep it clean.

3. By the wall


If without VELOSOCK you probably kept your bike as far away from your sofa as possible, then now you can place your bicycle everywhere you want without worrying about black tire marks on the walls, sand on the floors and the dirty bicycle messing up your room's feng shui. So, just find a spot that you can lean your bicycle against and that's it. VELOSOCK is also compatible with bikes with kick stands.

Do you have your own cool way to store your bike in a VELOSOCK? Share with us on your favorite social media platform using the #velosock hashtag.

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