Reasons to create your own custom bike cover on Online Design Editor

Reasons to create your own custom bike cover on Online Design Editor

We, at Velosock, use every day as an opportunity to become better and provide the best possible experience for our beloved customers (for this reason only, read till the end, because we have prepared a lovely surprise with amazing gifts for you). By keeping eyes wide open to new possibilities and listening to our customer needs , we had come to a realisation that there is nothing like offering fully personalised and customised products to each customer individually. So now we are more than excited to announce that 2 years of hard work have resulted in successful Online Design Editor launch - a tool that unlocks limitless possibilities to put your creativity on a bike cover.


Why is our new tool so amazing?

Here are just some of the main reasons:
     ⦁ It’s a great canva for your creativity - put a picture of your favourite sunset, cycling spot, vacation view, family photo, your beloved pet or just a picture of your bicycle on a bike cover to remind yourself about those beautiful memories or events every time you use Velosock!

     ⦁ It can be an amazing gift to a friend - name a better gift than a one that’s been made specially to that one person. Something that reminds of good times spent together, maybe an ‘inside-joke’, a picture of you two together, a picture of your next travel destination or a great memory from an adventure. Your friend owns a small business? Awesome, put his logo on a bike cover! Went on a cycling trip together with your friend? Fantastic, put a picture of the trip on the bike cover! Your friend likes a fancy bicycle from the newest collection? Well, that would be an expensive gift, but why don’t you put a picture of that exact bicycle on a bike cover, to get him closer to his dream? Feel free to improvise and we guarantee this will get a smile on his face every time he or she uses the bike cover! 

     ⦁ Put your achievements on a bike cover - what better place to showcase your personal cycling record than a bike cover? A screenshot from your latest Strava route, list of attended races, race results, planned races for the year, favorite distances or maybe a goal score just to keep it as a reminder? As you’re probably storing your bike somewhere inside the apartment or an office, this can be a great motivation for you or can work as an amazing conversation starter.


     ⦁ Use it as an extra exposure canva for your business - put your logo, brand name or location of your business, a QR code that leads people to your IG profile, business website or LinkedIn profile! Store your bike with a cover on outside your office or shop, to drive extra attention to your business! Add a call to action or an inviting text for people to remember the brand!


     ⦁ Use the cover as a piece of art. As a lot of our customers store their bicycles inside the apartment, so we know it’s great to have it matching with the interior. We’ve tried to create a lot of different designs, but we know you know what would fit in the best at your home, so use this cover as an interior element! Match it with your sofa, wall color, put a picture of an artwork on it, maybe add a pattern that would fit in the best in your living room to get the most of your bicycle storage!


In addition here are some PRO tips from our designers to get the best results from creating your personalised bike cover in our Online Design Editor.

      Use horizontal pictures - as the cover is placed horizontally, these pictures will have better resolution and will match the format and it will be easier to adjust the placement of it on the bike cover.
     ⦁ We recommend using a horizontal 3000-pixel image to ensure optimal quality on a printed product.
      As you’ll be putting a dirty bike inside the cover, we’d suggest avoiding plain white color, as white will get dirty quite fast (of course, you’ll be able to wash it, but chain stains might be hard to get off)
      If you’re putting a selfie or a portrait picture on the bike cover, it’s best to avoid placing the face in the middle of the cover, as that’s where your pedals will be stretching the fabric and that will cause a deformed image. The best place for a picture with a face would be on the front wheel, as the fabric will have the least tension there. ;)
     ⦁ If you want to add your logo, go through the “stickers” section and then browse through your files.


But as a cherry on top, we’d like to conclude this with a contest for amazing gifts!
The rules - create and order your custom design bike cover here. Post a story on Instagram of your custom made bike cover in real life, but don’t forget to tag @velosock!
If you feel like it, add a short description of the story behind your design - what inspired you or what memories are hiding behind it?

Every week we will choose one favourite design and will send the winner a surprise gift, but at the end of the contest in 2 months, the best designs author will receive a GIFT CARD in the value of 500 EUR from Velosock!

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