Wooden bicycles: 3 reasons to choose one

Wooden bicycles: 3 reasons to choose one

Did you know that the very first bicycles in the world were made out of wood? A lot has changed since then, but while looking at a wooden bike we're overcome with a feeling that reminds us of our ancient heritage.

Wood is a reliable, yet slightly unusual material to make a bike out of. More importantly, as a renewable resource, its value matches bicycling values as an eco-friendly method of transportation.


Wood has unique characteristics that specifically impact the cycling experience; it's shock absorbing and vibration dampening. Since wood is 10x less dense than steel, wooden bikes are able to be thicker than steel, without compromising on weight. And a thicker wooden frame means an increased ability to absorb more energy from the road, making your ride smoother.


Any human being with a heart can tell you that wood has a soul. As a living and breathing element, it speaks to us in a beautiful way only earthy nature can. Wooden bicycle craftsmen seem to share common qualities: perfectionism, emphasis on quality, and attention to detail. You can feel the time and attention the master has put into the bike, and you'll want to feel it for yourself when you lay eyes on it.


If we believe that bike people demonstrate their values through their choices, then the wooden bike is the embodiment of these values. You can't deny that buying a wooden bike is almost like validating a social status. They're don't come cheap. They represent the owner, and usually the manufacturers are able to offer personalized details.

Take a look at some of these beautiful wooden bikes:

Materia Bikes

Tratar Bikes

Sueshiro Sano

Bike Studio Jan


In conclusion...

It's unlikely that when making your first or second bicycle purchase that you'll opt for a wooden bike. In fact, it's possible that you might never ride a wooden bicycle in your life, let alone buy or consider making the purchase. But maybe, just maybe one day a wooden bicycle will be exactly what your heart desired. And while gazing at your bicycle, you'll agree that it might just look too good to cover this piece of art in a bicycle cover. But if you love clean floors as we do, you will.

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