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A protective luggage cover that makes your bag stand out

Protect your beloved travel companion from wear and tear with a stylish and durable luggage cover.

Designed to make your bag stand out, this cover won't ever let your suitcase get lost in the crowd of other bags.

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Keeps your luggage clean

Covers your luggage and protects it from dirt and scratches. Your bag won't get dirty on the luggage carousel ever again

Makes your bag recognizable

Travel with style and never lose your bag! The vivid and unique design makes your bag stand out on the luggage carousel, so you can recognize it from a distance

Protects your belongings

The cover hinders access to thieves. But most likely they won't even touch it - they'll see your bag as too much work to open

A perfect travel companion

Always have your belongings with you in style!

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Design and print your cover

Let your imagination flow and capture your favorite moments, people or memories on the bicycle cover!

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To know which size fits your luggage, you need to know your suitcase's HEIGHT!

Lugagge cover MEDIUM: 60 - 68 cm / 24" - 26" (height)
Lugagge cover LARGE: 70 - 78 cm / 27" - 30" (height)

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