Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Cyclists

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Cyclists

Roses are red, violets are blue, your sweetheart loves cycling, how about you?

You got it right – if your other half loves cycling, bicycle-related Valentine's gifts are a nice way to say "I love you and I know what makes you happy".

And in the winter, off season in most of Northern hemisphere, when cyclists can't wait to get back to riding ways, such a gift is the perfect harbinger of spring. Really, cycling season is just around the corner! Here are some gifts that will make their heart beat faster.

1. USB-rechargeable XFire Safety Light With Laser Lane Markers

This is so much more than just a bright and rechargeable tail-light. It has lasers (score!) that provide lane markers on the road (double score!) – you bring a bike lane wherever you go. And yes, it's powerfully bright and rechargeable with a standard USB phone charger. And waterproof.

A gift that says: "I love you, and want you to be safe."'
Price: €32.81
Check it out on Xfire here

2. Lumos Helmet

Now this is an innovative cycling accessory if we've ever seen one. Lumos itself claims to be the world’s first smart bicycle helmet, and it really is. It packs 60 LEDs, a three-axis accelerometer and a USB chargeable battery – still weighing just 410 grams. What it does is provide all kinds of lighting and indicators, depending on the situation, without much input from the rider. It is also controlled by a wireless remote at the handlebar. Perhaps the most important feature is that the triangle of LEDs at the rear illuminates simultaneously in a static red state to function as a brake light when braking is detected – thanks to the inputs from that accelerometer. But please note that you'll still need bike lights – this helmet is not a replacement for those.

A gift that says: "I love you, and want you to be safe – with the best gadgets." 
Price: €168
Check it out on Lumos here

3. Garmin Edge 1000 Bike Computer

The ultimate tool for navigating, tracking stats and competing against yourself or others. It has bike-specific mapping and navigation capabilities, including elevation profiles and turnby-turn directions. Compatible with Garmin Connect – see your performance data, ride history, and share it online if you wish. WiFi compatible as well – bring a phone with Connect app, and you can get call and text alerts (just please don’t text or talk while your ride). And it comes in seven colors, too.

A gift that says: "I love you, and want you to have the best gadgets."'
Price: €454.75 
Check it out on Amazon here

4. Bike Love Cutting Board

If your significant other can often be found in the kitchen making delicious meals, this cutting board will keep their cycling spirits high in any season. Pair it with a cookbook filled with fun and healthy recipes, and this gift is a winner. The bike etching will also serve as a reminder that what you eat affects your performance.

A gift that says: "I love you and the meals you cook."
Check it on Etsy here
Price: €46.32

5. Split Bicycle Metal Art Bookends

If your Valentine loves reading books as much as they love riding their bike, then here's the perfect match. Fun, functional and gorgeous bookshelf with an eye-catching design that's bound to put a twinkle in any cyclist's eye. And why don't you add a good book to put on that shelf.

A gift that says: "I love you and your reading habits." 
Price: €62.71 
Check it out on Etsy here

6. Bicycle Scarf

Love for cycling is difficult to hide. And why should you even try? Wear your heart on your sleeve – loud and proud with this elegant bike-printed scarf. Plus, it will keep you nicely warm.

A gift that says: "I love you, and you look fabulous!" 
Price: €42.46
Check it out on Etsy here

7. Koala On Bicycle T-shirt

Cuddly animals on bikes are just impossible to resist. So let's celebrate the heck out of Valentine's Day with this koala on bicycle print! Your love will make heads turn.

A gift that says: "I love you, and I can't wait to see you rock this look!" 
Price: €27.02
Check it out on Etsy here

8. Velosock® Indoor Bike Cover

There simply is no better solution for indoor bike storage than Velosock®. If you are looking for a solution to protect your floors and walls from bike dirt and those black tire marks, you've found it. Velosock® absorbs moisture and dries fast, and fits 99% of all adult bicycles easily. Made from the most elastic fabric on the market, it will capture the heart of anyone who wants their home to be clean – even with a bike in it.

A gift that says: ''I love you, and now that none of us has to spend time cleaning after the bike, how about Netflix and chill?"
Price: €59.00
Check it out here

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