The gift every cyclist's girlfriend wants for Christmas

The gift every cyclist's girlfriend wants for Christmas

Let's talk about cyclists' girlfriends. Those amazing women who support your love for cycling. You may not realize it, but sometimes it's far from easy to live with a passionate cyclist when your woman is not as much into cycling as you are.

So when you have two loves in your life – cycling and that special woman – it's time for some compromises, right? If you store your bike inside your living area, it's not just about managing your time and stuff you do together, but also making it work as a happy family – you, your lady and your bike(s).

If you are lucky (and I believe you are), your lady is supportive of your bike collection, as well as the closet being slowly but surely taken over by cycling apparel and accessories, and, of course, bike dirt messing up your floors and walls after a rainy ride. Of course you clean it up afterwards, but it would be better if the bike didn't mess your place up at all.

What it's like to live with a girlfriend and a bike:

1. Only two of you three keep yourself clean on regular basis

While you and the lady take a shower every day, the bike is like that guy from Cast Away. "Not too clean" is a super delicate way of describing the dirt it's covered in and the dirt he leaves behind. To be frank, when you think back to the moment you first saw it brand new, and compare it to two months from then – could you even recognize it?

2. You look totally different when returning home from rainy weather

You and your girlfriend return from a day out in the rain like nothing happened – because there's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing. But your bike looks like it has survived the apocalypse, or at least one of those storms that are given people's names.

3. You always end up feeling that one of you three doesn't really fit in

Let's be honest here. Bikes are not really created for fitting in your apartment, it's just not their purpose. It will never be functional like a couch or a dining table. Bikes are made to be ridden, they belong in city streets and on country roads.

But there is a way to make bicycle storage at home happier for all three of you.

I would like you to introduce with a Velosock®.

A bike cover, an ally who will make living with a bicycle much more pleasant. Made to keep your floors and walls clean from bicycle dirt and add a good-looking twist to your interior when it's on your bike.

Now it's time to bring the bike into the spotlight!

Actually, Velosock® may just be the ultimate Christmas gift for any cyclist who have to live in apartment or house with you and your bike. Cover it up and put it on a shelf, on a ceiling mount, even put it in your bedroom if you like. No more black tire marks on the walls and floors, no dirt from the bicycle messing up the place. And more importantly – no cleaning afterwards.

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