10 scary things to do with your bike this Halloween

10 scary things to do with your bike this Halloween

We all know that Halloween is fun with all the inventive costumes, scary decorations, trick-or-treating and horror movies. But did you know that All Hallows' Eve can become even more entertaining if you invite your bike to join the party? Dress-up, trick-or-treating and even house parties get a different meaning once your trusted two-wheeler is by your side.

Read on and we’ll show you some bewitching things you can do with your bike to make Halloween even more fun and scary!

1. Get a costume for your bike

Everyone dresses up for Halloween parties, and your bicycle should be no exception - especially if you arrive to the party by bike, instead of a pumpkin carriage!

You’ll look even more stunning if you match your outfit to your bike’s or even better - blend your looks into one awe-inspiring costume. Check out this infographic for some of the best costumes for yourself AND your bike, like the Unicorn, Witch and Rocket astronaut. For a more simple, but thrilling look, decorate your ride with LED lights.

And don’t forget to keep the Halloween spirit alive in your home. The easiest way to do it - dress your bike in the VELOSOCK indoor cover design Skulls.


2. Go on a Halloween bike parade with your friends

Once you and your bike look like the Zombie cyclist from hell or the Headless Horseman, you have to play your role to the public as well. Take your dressed-up friends and go on a demonic parade to impress and terrify your neighbors. Accompany your procession with a blood-tingling Halloween playlist. Just don’t go overboard - the most important thing is to have some good-hearted fun!

Here are some costume ideas to get your creative juices flowing:


Image Source

As you parade around the town, try the next tip:

3. Go trick-or-treating on a bike

After you’ve worked hard preparing costumes for yourself and your bike you deserve to be rewarded with some sweets! This will be easy if you are going house to house - you can show off your mesmerizingly awesome costumes AND your bike’s decorations right at your neighbor’s doorstep.


4. Take a night ride to a local abandoned house

Surely your neighborhood has a house that, when mentioned, sends shivers down everyone’s spine. Well, Halloween is the best time to take your chances and pay that house a visit. It’s best if you do it by bike, so you pedal home without looking back…in case any of those legends turn out to be true.

You’ll get a terror bonus if your ride includes pathways through forests or a cemetery. If visiting an abandoned house isn't spooky enough, you'll experience the true Halloween spirit by heading there through an eerie setting...rustling leaves, a dry branch cracking in the wind...and who knows, maybe something less explicable out there.

Alternatively, go on a night ride to a secluded place or district that you’ve never visited before.


5. Organize an outdoor scary movie screening

The movie screening can take place either in your backyard or - better yet - in an unknown location deep in the woods. In that case, hand out a map to each of your friends and mention the time needed to get there. Along the way, set up some creepy surprises, and greet your friends with snacks, drinks and plenty of blankets once they arrive at your cosy and scary outdoor cinema.

Mention that those friends who arrive my bike get extra popcorn or a terrifying gift!

Here's a list of the best horror movies you can stream on Netflix this Halloween.



6. Ride over to the local candy shop

This is that one time of the year when no one cares how much candy you eat, and no amount of chocolate is enough to cause raised eyebrows at the cash register. Besides, it doesn't count if you cycled there, right?

So, prepare a bike basket with lots of room for candies. Decorate it and then share the goodies with your friends. For the greatest Halloween spirit, choose sweets like jelly spiders, pumpkin-shaped marshmallows, chocolate bats, skull lollipops, gummy eyeballs, jelly snakes and centipedes. Or - better yet - bake those terrifyingly tasty goodies yourself!


7. Wash your bike from all the summer dirt

If you want a scary experience that’s also useful, try cleaning your bike of all the dirt it collected during the summer! Follow the steps laid out in this guide to clean and prepare your bike for winter storage in no time. Be sure to do the cleaning outside or lay a large waterproof mat under the bike before washing it - otherwise, you really risk turning your home into a scene from a horror movie!

Pro tip: Just before washing, go crazy and become a Mud Monster! How to do it? Ride through all the dirtiest and muddiest areas with full speed and no regrets! FYI - the Mud Monster can also become your this year’s Halloween costume.


8. Organize a bike quest in your neighborhood

On Halloween, there are many quests and horror rooms you can visit together with your friends. However, it becomes a much more special experience if you do it on your bikes!

Some ideas for a bike game or quest you can organize for your friends (on any day, not necessarily Halloween):

  • Photo quest with mysterious riddles to solve
  • A bike ride with creepy surprises on the way
  • A tour of the less known surroundings
  • A thematic trip based on the local horror stories or your favorite scary movie, e.g., Blair Witch or series Stranger Things

The quest doesn’t have to be long, but it has to be bone-chilling and unforgettable. At the end of it, gather around a fire for a horror story session. Your friends will love it!


9. Carve a bike out of a pumpkin

If you’re shaking for some serious handicrafts, accept the pumpkin bike challenge! But beware - this is a quest suitable only for the most dedicated and patient pumpkin carvers. Read this article for some pro carving tips from the best pumpkin artists.

Bike-carved-from-a-pumpkinImage Souce

10. Use your bike as a Halloween decoration

There’s also another way how to match your bike with the Halloween spirit - show it off as a decoration and a piece of art that it is! Place some flowers or moss in the bike basket, wrap colorful lights around it and of course - don’t forget to place pumpkins all around and on top of the bike!

If you feel like that’s too much hustle, a bike dressed in VELOSOCK indoor cover will look impressive and decorative enough.


Image source

When your bike is ready to thrill and charm, invite friends over and host a mesmerizing Halloween party! Carve a jack o'lantern together and enjoy some tasty Halloween snacks.

We wish you a scary Halloween with some petrifying surprises!


Post by Ieva Baranova. Ieva is a content writer for Truesix.co and a passionate travel journalist. She also loves going on microadventures with her beloved bike.

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