11 Best Accessories for a Cyclist in 2022

11 Best Accessories for a Cyclist in 2022

The coronavirus has resulted in a global cycling growth of an unprecedented magnitude over the last year, with many bicycle manufacturers encountering shortages as they strive to meet the increasing demand.

And maybe you finally acquired your new bicycle after a long wait during the Bike Boom last year as well.

Or maybe you resurrected an old model that had been sitting in the garage or basement for years.

Anywho, an increasing number of individuals are seeing their present bicycles with kinder eyes, considering them as more than a dusty relic once-forgotten in the corner of the garage. 

That's all well and good, but what they don't know is that the experience might be enhanced a lot better if they had the correct accessories.

Many cyclists would agree that the greatest bicycle accessories are almost as vital as the bicycle itself. 

Sure, you can go from point A to point B without any additional accessories, but safety, comfort, and convenience are mostly dependent on accessories.

With this in mind, we've compiled a list of 11 of the greatest bicycle accessories available, each of which will dramatically enhance your riding experience and keep you pedalling for years to come.

1. SHIMANO Unisex C. Rc902 Sneaker

Shimano has taken the brave step of changing the fit, with a smaller forefoot region and a new '360-degree Surround Wrapping' top in its third version.

The materials and craftsmanship employed to offer a high-quality feel in the hand and on the foot, and with four different colors (white, black, red, and one), the Shimano Rc902 shoe has the bling factor to match its premium price tag.

It also offers aerodynamic optimisation with two-way micro-adjustability to improve fit and comfort refinement of the toe box form to fit a broader variety of foot shapes.

Price: £199.32 - £343.83


  • Stiff and efficient sole
  • Great heel retention
  • Adequate ventilation


  • The regular fit is narrow in the forefoot.

You can check out this sneaker on Amazon from here.

2. Cirrus Cycles KINEKT Aluminum Bike Seatpost

If you’re a big guy and weigh a bit on the heavier side then chances are gravity hasn’t been kind to you when you ride. You might face a hurt back from time to time. 

Do one thing. And give your back the gift of this KINEKT Aluminum Bike Seatpost.

Your butt will be much more thankful after this.

The KINEKT aluminum 2.1 XL2 Seatpost is designed for cyclists weighing between 240 and 320 pounds. 

This innovative design allows ALL cyclists to be more comfortable and have a better riding experience. It's also perfect for folks who ride electric bikes, which are heavier and transfer more vibration through the bike.

Price: £273.96 - £274.34


  • Smoothes all the bumps, big and small
  • Very comfortable


  • Isn’t as good as air suspension
  • A bit overpriced

You can check out the Seatpost on Amazon from here.

3. CyclingDeal Bicycle Bike Torque Wrench Set Kit

Excessive tightening will cause bike components to deform. A lack of torque indicates that the pieces are loose. A bike torque wrench is an essential equipment for mounting bolts and bike parts.

While many other torque wrenches are larger and take up more space in the bike pack. This torque wrench is designed so that it can get into tight locations.

Price: £23.99


  • They are different from other adjustable torque wrenches which probably need to be calibrated every year, the fixed torque sleeves do not need calibration.
  • Lifetime warranty


  • It a little hard to get the tips out of the handle

You can check out the torque wrench set kit on Amazon from here

4. Knog Road R70 Rear Light Blinder

On its highest setting, the Knog Blinder R70 emits 70 lumens of light. It's another long, thin item that fits neatly below your Seatpost. Knog includes three alternative rubber straps for both regular and aero seat posts with the Blinder R70.

The Blinder R70's strap has a plastic insert that makes it easier to attach it to the device. 

It provides you with something to hang onto while getting on and off the bike with the light.

Price: £42.27


  • The brightness is superb
  • An unshielded USB plug is convenient


  • Poor-fitting options
  • Peak lumens are not as bright as those seen in certain high-intensity rear lights.

You can check out the Knog Road R70 Rear Light Blinder on Amazon from here

5. Road Runner Bike Bags By Cyclists For Cyclists


If you depend on your clothes to carry everything you need for a long ride, you'll wind up with bulging pockets, which isn't the most comfortable way to ride.

A bike bag is an excellent alternative for transporting little goods that do not need fast access (think spare tube, tire levers, and some cash). 

This is where Road Runner Bike Bag from Cyclists for Cyclists comes in.

Price: $100


  • Very comfortable and accessible
  • Good zipper quality keeps your accessories safe


  • A bit pricy

You can check out the Road Runner Bike Bags from here

6. Neutralizer Grip

Finally, an accessory that reduces hand fatigue.

Do your hands get tired during long rides?

Then try out this neutralizer grip.

It is scientifically proven to distribute pressure more evenly throughout the hand while also providing a substantial ledge for your fingers to sit on. 

This, in conjunction with the super-tacky grip material, results in ultimate control and comfort.

Price: €19.90


  • A flat ledge under the grip provides an enhanced grip
  • The grip provides superior control


  • Very limited colors to choose from

You can check out the Neutralizer Grips from here

7. KNOG PWR Modular Bike Light

Did you ever want to go on fun adventures like navigating difficult terrains at night?

Then this Modular Bike Light by KNOG may just become your best friend.

It is built around a core power pack that comes in a variety of capacities. It's combined here with a 450-lumen lighthead, which provides great beam quality and adaptability in a simple-to-use gadget.

The PWR may only have a maximum luminescence of 450 lumens, however, the beam quality is flawless, with a smooth taper to the perimeter and a solid cut-off point that eliminates glare.

Price: £42.99


  • A well-formed beam
  • Visibility from the side
  • Reasonable run time


  • Pricey for the power

You can check out the Modular Bike Light from Amazon here

8. Topeak Mini 20 Pro Mini Tool

A quality complete metal 23-function small tool designed for roadside or trailside repairs. T10 and T25 Torx wrenches make hydraulic disc brake work easier. 

A self-tightening tool and a neoprene pouch are included. The ideal companion for endurance racing, training, and travel.

Price: £26.99


  • The most compact fully loaded multi-tool.


  • Gets loose sometimes

You can check out the Pro Mini Tool on Amazon from here

9. Velosock Indoor Bike Cover

Take your bike to the office or keep it in your garage safely without ever having to worry about creating a mess or getting your bike rusted.

The best part about this Velosock Bike Cover is that you’re the one in charge.

You can go to their online editor and design a cover that you like, according to your tastes.

Price: £60 - £99.99


  • High-quality fabric
  • Fits almost all bicycles

You can check out the Velosock Bike Cover from our website here

10. Oakley Kato Sunglasses

Oakley has never shied away from daring designs and color combinations when it comes to sunglasses. 

The new Oakley Kato sunglasses carry on the heritage with a revolutionary one-piece lens and "superhero-inspired" design. 

While most new sunglasses are variants on big frames or retro-inspired designs, the Kato is a fresh start with extreme curvature and a one-piece lens that reaches over the nose. 

With a frameless design, a flared top brow, and a sculpted nose, the lens alone offers structure to the Kato sunglasses. 

The sunglasses are now available with new Prizm lens color as well. The Oakley Kato sunglasses also include several unique fit features, such as the Rake Mechanism, which tilts the angle of the lens, and removable Unobtainium nose cushions.

Price: £150 - £300


  • Visually distinct with crisp optics
  • Contoured and seamless design


  • Lacks replaceable lenses

You can check out the Oakley Kato Sunglasses from here

11. Rapha Bar Bag 

Hand sanitizer, tools, tubes, power banks, cellphones.

Every time you ride you want some or all of this equipment with you at all times.

 But can you put them all in your pocket?

 Hell no.

That’s why the Rapha Bar Bags are such handy.

Price: £50 - £80


  • A perfect adventure partner for rides when additional storage space is essential
  • Made with waterproof fabric to protect belongings from the weather
  • Welcome features such as light loops and shoulder strap


  • Barely water resistant
  • Access is difficult on bikes with external cabling or out-front computer mounts

You can check out the Rapha Bar Bags from here.


So, there you have it, you’re now equipped with the 11 best accessories that every cyclist should have in 2022.

 If you liked what you read, please let us know in the comments and spread the word.
For more information and products, you can go to our website VELOSOCK, and browse from hundreds of cyclist gears to make your cycling even more exciting.

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