5 reasons why you need a full bike cover

5 reasons why you need a full bike cover

There are many reasons why our product are beloved all around the world, but maybe if you’re still not quite sure why you’d need a full bicycle cover, here are some of the main purposes and benefits of using it:


     1.It will protect your bike from external conditions during transportation 

You’ve probably experienced some heavy rain or even hail on your way to your cycling destination. While rain is not the worst enemy of your bicycle (yet it does get into your oiled parts and bring some sand with it), hail can do some visible damage especially when you're driving through it.
In spring, the road is still covered with salt or rock and sand leftovers from winter road maintenance, and this is something that your bike most definitely won’t be thankful for. Flying rocks, that can damage the paint or the carbone frame, sand that goes deep into your chain and gear system, or salt that can cause rust or paint damages or even go into the moving
parts of your bike and impair them.


     2.Protects your bike from direct sunlight

Either it’s during transportation or during your bike storage, it is harmful for a bike to be kept in sunlight for long hours. First thing first - the paint will fade away from different parts made up of plastic as well as metal. When the sunlight falls on the paint, it breaks up the bond which is formed between the paint molecules resulting in fading of the paint.
The problem that will affect your bike is not directly heat, but UV radiation from sunlight, and that does not only happen when the sun shines directly on the bike, scattered light from the sky and nearby objects will also have an effect.
UV radiation degrades polymers, plastics, rubber, and similar materials, it is sort of toasting them, making them dull, less flexible. The bike's paint is most probably made of polymer, so leaving the bike out in the sun all the time will cause all sorts of problems to the bike, from cosmetic damage to deterioration of seals, rim brake pads, hoses, cracking of derailleur pulleys, evaporation of lubricants, etc. And clearly bike tires can start to crackle or change pressure during the hot weather. There's a reason that Ironman races allow athletes to pump up their tires on race morning: because overnight, heat can potentially swell an inflated tire and cause it to explode.
Good thing our full bike cover will hide your bike from the sunlight and UV light.


     3.Protects your bicycle from theft

Sometimes you just don’t want unwanted sights falling on your bike while you’ve parked outside the gas station or shop or a hotel, so the full bike cover is a great solution to hide your bicycle and keep it safe. It also hides the securing system of your bike rack, making it a lot more difficult for thieves to figure out a way to steal your precious two-wheeler. 



    4.Zippers are adjusted to car bike racks

We’ve spent years trying to find the best solution and changing and adjusting the zipper placement on the bike cover to adjust it to different car racks. Still, we would kindly suggest contacting our support team to make sure your bike rack will work with our full covers, but in roughly 90% of the cases we can assure you that our bike cover will work with your bike rack! As well as we’ve made sure to secure the zipper to make sure it won’t touch your bike frame and will not damage it. We’ve also added a helpful instruction guide to your full cover with some tips and tricks on how to make sure you get the best of your bike cover!


     5.Breathable material and free gifts!

It’s very important for this product to save the breathability, firstly - for the cover not to create a drag effect as you’re driving on the highway. Still, you should definitely obey the speed limit and regulations.
Secondly - if your bike gets wet in the rain, it’s important for it to dry out, so there is no chance for rust or some fungus to develop. That's why we’ve made our covers from fabric that is not 100% waterproof, but it will protect your bike from rain, while transporting it, and at the same time, it will let your bicycle dry off, when needed.
Oh, and did we mention free gifts? You’ll get free pedal covers with each full bike cover, as well as we’ve added a free multifunctional bag with every PRO bike cover!




Our support team is always happy to answer your questions, so if there is any doubt or issue you’d like to solve, don’t be shy and contact us, we’d love to help!

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