5 Reasons You Should Get a Customized Velosock Bike Cover

5 Reasons You Should Get a Customized Velosock Bike Cover
  1. Stand Out - Add Your Logo, Design and Showcase Your Values


We all are unique – either as a person, a team, a community or a brand. It is great to show your values, characteristics and style to others, and VELOSOCK bike cover is a great platform where to do it. Add your logo, create a unique design and add your message on top of that.


  1. Show That You are Proud of Your Team in Competitions and Daily Workouts


Competition is the right place to show that you are proud of your team and feel united. United by the same type of bicycle covers as well, that represent your team as a strong unit. We have established successful cooperation with Challenge Family – now you can order VELOSOCK Challenge Family triathlon full bike cover or create your own design for your team.


  1. Design a Personalized Gift for Your Partners and Friends

Create a unique gift for your partners and friends. Your partners will appreciate that and friends will be thrilled to receive such a cool gift. Don't forget to add some special touch to the design, so that the gift-receiver would have a big smile on the lips.

  1. Present and Advertise your Sponsors

This is quite important if you are a professional cyclist and have your own sponsors. Bike cover with the logo and message of your sponsor is a great way to advertise and spread the word.

  1. Be One of Them – Velosock is Already Used by TOP Triathletes


We see how more triathletes choose custom-design VELOSOCK covers to stand out from the crowd and show their sponsors and partners in an innovative way. We were honoured to create customized bike covers for these top-ranking cycling legends and their teams:

  • Jan Frodeno
  • Andreas Dreitz
  • Patrick Lange
  • Sarah Crowley
  • Sebastian Kienle


Order Your Unique Velosock

  1. Email us (below) and tell us about you or your team (name & team size, type of customization, design wishes, etc.)
  2. We prepare an offer for your team and agree on the terms
  3. We create a design and send it to you for approval
  4. When the design is approved, you send us the payment
  5. Your order is on the way with free delivery

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