6 reasons why you should get an indoor bike cover

6 reasons why you should get an indoor bike cover

If you’re passionate about cycling just like we are, you definitely face the question- where to store my bike? Or how to store it? Maybe you’ve even considered a bike cover but weren’t sure if it’s the right solution for your bike.

We have made a few blog posts on ideas about bike racks, DIY solutions and bike adjusted furniture, however, if you’ve chosen to store your bike indoors, either on a hanging bike rack or straps, or just place it in an empty corner, a bike cover is something you might want to use, and here are some of the best reasons why:

     1. To keep it clean.

No doubt you carry a lot of dirt indoors, if you bring your bike from the streets to your home. First and foremost, the tire prints on your floor is a real struggle to clean every time after a ride (not to mention the rainy weather).

If you hang your bike on the wall, it’s a small anxiety each time not to touch the light colored walls with it, because there will be marks if you do touch it. Then there is the dark oiled chain, that could stain your walls or curtains or yourself and we all know how hard it is to clean the oil off.

The pedals tend to have sharp edges that can rip your clothes, if you walk too close to your bike or damage the furniture or your walls by scratching them or making a bump. Having a Velosock indoor bike cover could help you forget about all of this.


     2. Velosock is the only and original bike cover manufacturer

There might be cheaper illegal alternatives found online, but rest assured - no one cares about the quality and secured bikes like Velosock does. We’ve created this patented bike cover and have provided countless designs that keep improving all the time and adjust to all needs, as well as we can offer a customization for each piece. Our CEO comes up with each design, that gets visualized by our talented designers, then every pattern gets printed on high quality stretchy fabric and handed over to our sewers who carefully sews each detail together.


     3. Your bike turns into a stylish element

With the special attention we pay to each design and colors, your bike becomes an interior object, rather than a storage problem. With more than 55 different designs you can definitely choose the one that will suit and fit in your interior, moreover, it can enhance or compliment it.

One of our all time favourite male customer feedback has been highlighting the fact that when a bike looks so beautiful in our cover and no longer creates a mess at home, his wife has finally allowed him to carry the bike indoors and Velosock has finally solved the problem!


     4. You can take your bike with you to public places.

Either in a hotel, office or a cafe, sometimes the dirty bike can be a problem if you don’t want to leave your dearest two-wheeled friend outside, but the facility won’t let you carry it inside. When it’s all nicely covered, no one should oppose, since it becomes baggage.

Also - the cover is lightweight and is very compact, so you can always put it in a bag and take it with you no matter where you’re cycling!


     5. It’s long lasting and fits your bike

Velosock has spent a lot of time finding the best, most durable fabric, so you can use it for a long time. You can insert a wet and dirty bike and later just put the cover in a washing machine when necessary. The print stays on as new if you follow the washing instructions, so don’t worry about that!

We’ve done a lot of stretch - testing to ensure that the cover won’t rip apart, when being put on a bike. After years of experience we’ve created sizes that fit 99% of all bikes, and in case you own a really big MTB bike, we’ve created some designs that come in extra large sizes for you to rest assured- we got you bike - covered.

In fact, we’ve prepared an instructional video to help you easily put on the cover like a pro, since we know the first time might seem a bit clumsy or more time-consuming!


     6. High quality fabric and print

Velosock’s main priority is to provide high quality bike covers. Since they are used by professionals as well, we take our job very seriously.

High quality polyester stretch fabric is thick enough to be durable, but at the same time it’s breathable and won’t make your wet metal details rust or make your wheels soak in water.

Our sewers carefully sew each bike cover, while other teams are working on fabric printing, then each cover undergoes a quality check to ensure the print and seams match our standards.

And, well, to be honest, Velosock just looks pretty good, it makes your bike look even better and that’s a great reason itself to get yourself a bike cover, and thousands of our fantastic customers could only agree to this! It saves a lot of time on cleaning your house after the mess your bike has made, it can save your wall some dark smudges, keeps your clothing safe and clean while carrying the bike and, well, the only problem might be that you’ll end up wanting to buy more bike covers, since they all have such stunning designs and it’s usually hard to choose just one.

But if you’re still wondering if it’s the right choice or size, our team is always ready to answer your questions or inquiries and solve any difficulties, so feel free to contact us!

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