Make your bicycle storage at home a piece of art: vol 1

Make your bicycle storage at home a piece of art: vol 1

Someone may say that keeping your bicycle in your living space is a dirty deal. However this is not at all true, not if you have a VELOSOCK bike cover. Moreso, when it can be used turn your bike into a work of art. Let me show you how! 

First of all you'll need to choose a VELOSOCK bike cover design you love, then you place your bike in it, and then finally you find the best spot in the room to show it off. You'll find that your newly covered bike will make you look at your home with an entirely new perspective - now you'll be searching for a place to put a beautiful bike to boost your interior decor, rather than looking to stash a dirty bike. That's a huge difference.

The first question you'll need to answer: What criteria should be used when choosing a VELOSOCK bike cover design? 

1. Your interior colours


Look at your room, what colors, patterns and textures do you have going? Choose a bike cover in the same color as your interior accents - pillows, curtains, chairs, lamps, candle holders or paintings. We have one color design, nature and sports inspired designs which will play with your interior colours and your covered bike will become one of the interior design accents.

2. Your bike colours


Turn your bike into the room's superstar. Choose a VELOSOCK in your bike's colours. Sometimes they will be totally different from your interior's colours and, if so, your VELOSOCK-covered bike will shine bright like a diamond, and will become a main eye-catching focal point of the room.

3. The reason why VELOSOCK has been invented


Let's face it. Some of you will choose a VELOSOCK design for one and only reason. To make it do it's work and nothing more - keep your floors and walls clean from the city's dirt and scuff marks. Then choose the black, dark gray or gray designs. The most practical and elegant colours in the world.

Second question: Where to put my VELOSOCK-covered bike?

Chances are that without a VELOSOCK bike cover you probably left your bike as far away from your sofa, carpet and bookshelf. Now you have whole home at your disposal. In next article, I'll share some cool ideas where to put your velosocked bike. Stay tuned!

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