Velosock gift list for this Christmas

Velosock gift list for this Christmas

Get Your Christmas Gifts ready!

When it comes to selecting a gift to your beloved ones, we usually try to make it personalized and match it with their hobbies or interests. So it happens that the amazing community around us consists of passionate cyclists like you and we’re pretty sure there's going to be something cycling-related under your Christmas tree as well!

We’ve been working hard to create some amazing gift ideas for you with a wide selection of items, and just recently we’ve added cycling clothing to our stock!

Let’s start by saying that your gift-seeking timing could not be more perfect, as we’re currently providing FREE express shipping in Europe, as well as have discounts up to 50% for selected items on our website!


     1. Customized bike cover

Custom made indoor bike covers might be something an urban cyclist appreciates the most, as it’s a great solution for bicycle storage indoors (inside the apartment, office or a hotel) as well as it will protect your car from dirt, if he/she transports the bike inside the car trunk. Moreover, you can customize this cover to make this gift very special! We’ve improved our Online Design Editor so it’s more comfortable for you, and enables you more editing options.

To create the perfect unique gift for a cyclist, put a picture from your last Christmas.

Maybe a picture of your beloved pet?

Or a pic from your last vacation together?

You can actually combine 2 ideas in one, since the cover has 2 sides and you can upload a different pic on each side!

We’ll ship it out 48 hours after placing the order, so rest assured - we’ll make it on time!

Maybe you’re looking for a corporate gift? Use our cover as canva for your brand exposure! Add you logo, QR code or website so more people can reach you!

Maybe add some inspirational quote to motivate your friend or spouse every day!

But sometimes you just need a good laugh, maybe the cover can be your canva for a funny joke? Maybe an inside-joke?

Create your custom bike cover for someone special here!

Price: 69.99 eur



     5. VeloS clothing

Velosock has also launched its first clothing collection. During the Christmas sale, we’re offering a 50% OFF discount for all clothing items, so this can be the perfect gift for yourself or a male cyclist.

You can mix and match the bibs with jerseys or choose from sets that are already combined, or, to take your matching game to the next level, you can get a matched bike cover too! Take a look at this perfect combo of Yellow lines clothing set and indoor bike cover!



     3. Bundle deals

Maybe, if you feel like this gifting season is too much trouble, and you want a quick solution, you should take a look at our bundle deals? Great way to get 5 gifts at the same time and save some money!


If you or your friends like to travel with bikes, maybe the travel bundle would be the best solution - a bicycle cover for bike storage indoors and for bicycle transportation on a car rack!



     4. Accessories and luggage covers

Ok, and when it seems like we’ve offered you all, we didn’t mention the neck, gaiters, cycling caps, Leg&go kids bikes, and luggage covers for the ones who really enjoy traveling!

Luggage covers are great for protecting your luggage from any damage during airport check-ins, as well as it will be easy to spot and not to mix with any other similar suitcase!

Hope we managed to give you some inspiration, since there is so much to explore in our store! Take your time to choose the best gift for your beloved cyclist.


Velosock team

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