You will totally love the world's lightest electric bicycle

You will totally love the world's lightest electric bicycle

Look at this eye-catching bike. Can you spot even one thing that would tell you it's an electric bike? Yeah, me neither! All you see is the beautiful yet minimal retro design, smooth lines, a flawless silhouette, and NO big battery.

At last, here's a bike that proves that you can build a lightweight electric bike without having to compromise. You don't have to give up a comfortable ride or stylish design, and you can forget about needing a large battery and heavy motor. 

Meet the world's lightest electric bike - Model E by Budnitz Bicycles. What makes it the lightest in the world? You guessed it - light materials. The bicycle is built in Vermont from a titanium alloy that's “as light as aluminum, and as strong as steel”.

This bike can do everything. It's controlled by a Bluetooth interface that allows the rider to switch between multiple modes. It also powers the motor which can push the bike to reach a speed of 24 km/h (15 mph), and provide electric assist for up to 161 km (100 miles). But don't worry, if you feel like working out your legs for a bit, you always have the option to switch off the motor and pedal yourself.


The bike can provide extra assistance on particularly steep hills thanks to the slope sensors, and it can also make stealing it very difficult thanks to the “total lockdown” anti-theft feature that's also available. Cyclists come in all different sizes, and so do the bicycles. There are four sizes available so you can be sure one will fit your needs. 

Each one comes equipped with a 30V lithium-ion 160Wh battery pack that has been sealed within an Italian Zehus Bike+ 250W electric rear hub. Coasting downhill and pedalling backwards helps return power to the hub so that it can provide the perfect electric assistance when going uphill or taking a long ride.

Now, these bicycles don't come cheap, because qualitative lightweight metals are expensive. The price of these bicycles tells you that it is so much more than just a stylish bike. The Model E starts at 3 538 Eur (3 950 USD), and for an additional 448 Eur (500 USD) + you can specialize the frame coloring. So yes, the price is high - but it is relative the quality to the bike and its unique design.

And "Yes", the VELOSOCK® bike cover will fit this bicycle if you will decide to keep it indoors.

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