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Carbon Black Bundle
Michael Weiss
Great innovation

These bike covers really make the difference. Strong material and perfect fit!

Rainbow Red
Philip Wise
Does the job, but

A bit difficult to put on and you need to take care with your rear derailleur

Carbon Blue
Dave S
Waterproof road bike cover

I’ve only used the cover in the dry so far but I am extremely impressed with its design and quality so far. It’s not a cheap cover but so far I think I think it’s worth it. I used it on the back of my motorhome and it is so much easier to use than the other cover I have used. Recommend.

Motion Wave
Nelson Kwong

I had bought this for me to transport two bike inside my car without scratching the bodies. Seem to work.

Mystic Forest
Jean and Monique
Just got it

It fits and seems ok.
I have to make my first test in e few days.

Motion Wave
tom langerhorst
Great thing for moving around the bije

The velosock is a great article for moving around the bike. The thing that I think leaves room for improvement is the way the straps for the wheels are reachable.

Although rims come in various heights it should be possible to mount the straps through the wheels not having to use zippers at the bottom. Eventough I do think the chosen option of zippers is the most secure way for carbonrims.

Especially when moving bikes overnight the waterproof is an extra option I recommend

This will be helpfull when you carry a bike on the roof.

Carbon Blue
Thomas Kiener
Perfect service, perfect product!

Perfect service, perfect product

Black E
Très satisfait

J’ai commandé cette bâche pour protéger mon vélo de route lors des trajets sur le porte vélo. La bâche est facile à enfiler et les ouvertures sont bien placées pour fixer le vélo sur le porte vélo (Thule Epos).
Je suis également très satisfait du SAV qui m’a envoyé une nouvelle bâche en quelques jours suite à la découverte de 2 petits trous au niveau des pedales sur la première (il faut bien penser à protéger les pedales pour éviter ce désagrément).

Carbon Black
Petra F.
Haven't received yet

As I haven't received my parcel yet I can't review


Great product! Drove from Emmen Holland to The Ardèche in France and my bike was well protected.

Custom velosock

Picture was nice quality. Thin material, big size mtb bike strech material . White inside first time dirty. First trip and one hole on cover. So I think it was short lifecycle. Difficult put three bikes. Pedal covers too small for mtb bikes.

Carbon Blue
Simon RB
Great fit and protection

It was relatively easy putting the Velosock on my bike for the first time and despite having a large e-bike, it fitted snugly, covered all parts well and looked good. I was concerned that it may be tricky getting all the bike rack fittings/straps to connect well, but the numerous openings in the sock ensured that this was not a problem. The water-repellent fabric offered good protection on a wet journey. The only issue was that the pedal covers supplied were for traditional sized peals and would not fit my large mountain bike pedals. I therefore had to knock up some improvised covers using bubble wrap, as you definitely need to soften the edges of pedals, as they may end up damaging the sock fabric.

Carbon Blue
Thomas Kiener

Perfect product quality and a perfect service! Thank you!


Perfect product quality and a perfect service! Thank you!

It works

I transport my bike with Thule tow bar rack at the back of the car. It got dirty every time, but not anymore due to Velosock. Sock is somewhat cumbersome to wear on the bike. Maybe routine will help. The sock looks good👍. Let’s see how it lasts and wears. No signs yet after couple of weeks of use.

Carbon Black
Sólveig Gísladóttir
my new sock

Hi, when you travel in Iceland you can expect any kind of weather, rain, very windy, snow and lots of dirt from the road, yebb all in the same day and even in july. That was the reason I bought Velo sock. First roadtrip done and cam as a surpris there where no rain but lot of dust and when I opened my sock the bikes were a bit dusty but ok. But the zipper seemed tollerate poorely the dust. It was hard to move it, but when we arrived home I put wax on it and hopefully it will work. It´s funny to say I look forward to try it in rain and durt! :) And I send you photo from last year for fun and when we leavind to the highlands of Iceland.

So far so good

Everything regarding the purchase and delivery went just perfect. Now I have the first trip of about 550 km behind without any problems. I faced some rain and velosock worked as expected.
It is noteworthy though that the recommended driving speed is 60 mph / 97 kmh. So, if the weather is good and the trip includes a lot of highways I may opt driving without velosock.

Mikkel Askvig
Easy to order - fast dlivery

Bought two covers for this summer's vacation. Great overview on the website, easy to order, and smooth delivery on time.
Overall a great experience!

Angus Johnston
Bike pyjamas

I bought the velosock covers to protect our bike when in transit, they fitted my bike great and with a bit of persuasion they fitted my wife’s bike too, it has a large basket in the front.

Red and Green
David Bee
Good kit, excellent service

The bike cover is ideal for meeting the requirement that Bike Socks be used to carry bikes on Citylink coaches in the UK. It protects other luggage from chain grease etc.
I was concerned that there might be VAT or import duty to pay for importing from the EU, but there was nothing and the delivery arrived very promptly, and as described.

Custom velosock indoor

These Velosocks are so practical and easy to use - just need more bikes to use all the options they cover!

Red and Green
Sirkku Juhola

Fabulous product- works very well and is of good quality!

Custom velosock indoor
Qué buen regalo

Gran calidad de producto y facilidad de diseño, con bastantes opciones para ello. Llegó perfecto y muy pronto. Ha quedado genial y ha sido todo un acierto.

Nicolas Paul
Everything Perfect !

My lovely bike is safe now in his super bag! Thanks a lot