Best Christmas gifts for cyclists

Best Christmas gifts for cyclists

You may think that it’s almost impossible to find something bike-related that your cycling friend doesn’t already have. To help you out, we’ve compiled some of the most useful, trendiest, and funniest gifts for cyclists that you can still get in time for Christmas.

We promise that this gift guide contains at least a few items your cycling guru hasn’t spotted yet. To make your gift-hunting easier, we've divided this guide into four types of gifts for cyclists: Cool bicycle accessories, Cycling clothes, Cycling gadgets, and Funny cycling gifts.


Full bike cover by VELOSOCK

This brand new product by VELOSOCK is guaranteed to be a treat for every biking fan. The new indoor bike cover envelopes 100% of your ride and is meant for storing your bicycle in the garage or apartment. Avoid dirty floors, scratched walls or damage to the bike!

The VELOSOCK full bike cover cocoons your two-wheeled friend from handles to wheels and can be used with bike racks thanks to horizontal openings on both sides of the cover.

The full bike cover comes in two stylish designs and two models that are custom-tailored for MTB/E-bikes or classic road or track bicycles. Looks like a million bucks, available for $185 (€165) and free worldwide shipping.

Now you are probably thinking that this is one of those gifts for cyclists that he does not have and definitely needs. 

Cool bicycle helmets

Is there such a thing as a good-looking bike helmet? It turns out there are many that fit in our gifts for cyclists guide!

Urban biking enthusiasts are often looking for a bicycle helmet that doesn’t actually look like a helmet. Some even choose not to wear one because they believe that most helmets look a bit dorky. Luckily, the bike-loving nation, Danish, has created a product called Yakkay, a helmet covered with a smart-looking hat.

A helmet like this might be one of the best gifts for cyclists, as it manifests intelligence and style, and shows that you care about the well-being of the receiver. Depending on the helmet type and cover you choose, this chic accessory will cost you from $132 up to $145 (€112 - €123).

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A different bike bell

If your dear cyclist is fond of the minimalist design, he or she is guaranteed to love the Oi Bell. It has a discreet shape that doesn’t even resemble a bicycle bell - and that’s probably what makes it one of the best bike accessories out there.

Unlike other bike bells that take up too much space and can even look a bit childish, the Oi Bell smoothly blends with your bike and produces a pleasant, yet distinct sound. Choose one of five available finishes for $23.55 (€19.90).  

Practical and beautiful bike basket

Can there be a spacious bicycle basket that also looks great and keeps your valuables safe? Indeed, it exists - and it might actually be one of the greatest bicycle gifts for the urban cyclist. 

Bucaboot can be used for storing smaller things when it’s closed and larger objects when it’s open, securing them with special straps. The basket is lockable and can be removed from your bike only when unlocked. It’s also OK to leave this functional boot outside in the rain thanks to its sealed lid. Bucaboot fits any standard bike rack and comes in three neat colors for $225 (€190).


A unique cycling cap

If the cyclist in your life is serious about his hobby and even sees it as a lifestyle, he or she would love to receive an original cycling cap. Even if they have a bike hat already, surprise them with a funny and original one by Aero Tech Rush Cycling Caps. These feature many attractive designs, like Unicorns, Coffee & Donuts, Pizza & Beer and would make your friend stand out on any cycling holiday or competition and is on of the most buyed gifts for cyclists. 

Furthermore, they are made of a special material that helps evaporate sweat and fits great under the helmet. Show Santa your sense of humor and choose your favorite jolly design for $19.95 (€16.85).

Cycling jerseys

Seeking ideas for even more personalized gifts for cyclistsWalz offers to build your own cycling jerseys choosing all the colors and print. You can either get your friend a Build-a-Jersey gift card for $139.99 (€118.30) or venture into designing the gift yourself if you know your cycling buddy well enough. It’s hard to imagine a more personal cycling gift than one you’ve made yourself, exclusively for your special person - Santa would be proud of you!

T-shirts with a funny print

If you think that your beloved cyclist is more into casual bicycle shirts, get him or her a one-of-a-kind T-shirt. Print your common inside joke on it or choose one of the funny designs offered here.

Depending on the model, print size and color, a personalized T-shirt will cost you $17 - $25 (€14 - €21). You can order it here or make a personalized one in your local printing shop. This is one of those great gifts that always works well and never goes out of fashion. For an ultimate cycling-geek team look, get a similar T-shirt for yourself as well. :)  


Tire repair kit

Passionate cyclists usually prefer to fix their bike themselves, so you can’t fail by giving them a practical set of innovative tools. For example, Dynaplug offers different tire repair kits in small capsules that can be mounted on the bike or placed in the bag or even pocket. This handy toolkit enables you to simply “plug” the leak, add some air if necessary, and be on your way. A process designed to be simple for boys, girls, amateurs and professionals alike!

The whole Dynaplug Pill kit weighs only 42 grams or 1.5 ounces, and it surely is one of the best cycling gifts for the practical biker! Don’t doubt that it will travel with them on cycling tours, mountain trips and daily errands. Get it starting from $59.99 (€50.70) and slip it into your cyclist’s Christmas stocking!

This is one of those gifts for cyclists that is a MUST HAVE for every cyclist. 

Smart bicycle helmet

Cycling is healthy and fun; but, unfortunately, not always 100% safe. Especially if your friend or partner is a city biker, it’s a good idea to give them a gift that would increase their safety on the streets.

Lumos is a next-generation bike helmet with integrated LED lights for brake and turn signals that are operated via a Bluetooth remote control on the bike’s handlebar. Thanks to this smart system, the cyclist can safely communicate his intentions to drivers and pedestrians. Lumos will make the rider visible day and night and in any weather conditions. The helmet’s battery life, settings, and updates can be managed through a Lumos Helmet app. In fact, $199 (€168) seems like a small price to pay for this ingenious helmet.

GPS tracker against theft

True biking fans believe that their bicycle is their most valuable possession. They probably already have a bad-ass bike lock to protect their two-wheeled treasure from being stolen.

The GPS-305 tracker takes one step further in protecting the bicycle from thieves. It can be hidden in your bike’s head tube; it is completely invisible but transmits a GPS signal so you can always know where your bike is, even if it has been stolen. It’s easy to install, and it can’t be removed with a special set of tools.

If your intended gift recipient is fond of technology and even more fond of his bike, the GPS tracker might be one of the best gifts for bicycle enthusiasts. Available on eBay for $42.66 (€36).


Bicycle wheel clock

The season of giving is here - why not show your good sense of humor with some funny presents for cyclists?

Here’s a cool gift idea for your dear outdoors fan - a bicycle wheel transformed into a beautiful wall clock! The clock easily mounts to the wall through the center of the wheel. This clock for $72.40 (€61.15) will serve as a stylish element of interior design in any living room, hallway or garage. But beware - it’s not so easy to hide it inside a stocking!

Bike-shaped pizza cutter

After all those days, months and years of riding, your favorite cyclist deserves a slice of pizza time after time. Help them treat themselves with this knockout pizza cutting tool. Stylish, sharp, original, and bike-shaped - can you imagine a better gifts for bicycle enthusiasts? The only disadvantage of this product - it will steal all the attention away from the home-made pizza! Get this awesome tool for $15.95 (€13.45) and impress even the most skeptical Santa!

Bike-inspired jewelry

Fancy something funny AND elegant? No problem - get a handmade jewelry set for bike-minded people!

Bicycle earrings $19.75 (€16.70) will send every biking lady to seventh heaven while Cycling cufflinks $125 (€105.50) will serve as an exclusive gifts for cyclists. Both products are made of sterling silver and nicely gift-packaged - the earrings even come in a beautiful cotton bag with the recipient’s initial letter printed on it. One of those unique gifts for cyclists that will last for many more Holiday seasons to come!

Funny mugs for cycling fans

Do you also happen to have a “Bikesexual” in your life? Or maybe a “Bikeoholic”? Give them a funny design mug to celebrate this healthy addiction! Trying to delight a whole family of cyclists? Even better - get one funny mug for each of the riders!

Each mug costs around $13.72 (€11.59), and there are many designs to choose from. Alternatively, come up with your own joke (or pick one here), add your cyclist's name to it and order a personalized mug in your nearest printing shop!


… take some “wheely” awesome gifts with you!

Cycling fanatics probably believe there is a special Santa for them - one that arrives on a bicycle and brings presents for cyclists that enhance the riding experience. Or, at least resemble bikes in some way. If you want to be that Santa, choose one of these gifts for cyclists and you are sure to send your cyclist friend pedaling over the moon.

Do you know some awesome gifts for bicycle enthusiasts that aren't mentioned in this guide? The season of sharing is here so please do share your ideas in the comments below!

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