Best cycling destinations in Europe for summer 2021

Best cycling destinations in Europe for summer 2021

One of the best aspects of cycling is the ability to explore and travel while staying active. Breathtaking views are the best motivation to pedal up the hill on a hot summer day, and the cyclist summer tan lines are a sign of a time well spent and full of adventures!
Velosock has prepared a nice list of places in Europe you should travel to with your bike, because trust us - you won’t be disappointed! Bicycle friendly, Instagram picture worthy and unbelievably beautiful - all of this can be found in the heart of Europe and can be explored on your bike!


     1. Danube Cycle path

Recognised as one of Europe’s first cycle paths, the popular Danube Cycle Path is a great introduction to cycle touring due to its safe route, flat, cared-for paths and beautiful scenery.
The path is very flexible - can be used for leisure cycling for families and friends, as well as for road cycling for more experienced cyclists.
The Danube Cycle Path begins at the source in Donaueschingen and winds from there for about 1,260 kilometres to Budapest. Most of the time, the cycle path runs directly along the banks of the Danube.

If you are up for completing the entire path, you should dedicate your summer to that, since the full route could take up to 8 weeks.
From the river's source in Germany down to the Black Sea it is about 2900 kilometres (1,800 miles). On it's way the Danube crosses half of Europe. Best part for cycling definitely would be the Danube's course through Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. The paths here are much more developed than along the river further downstream.


    2. Camino Frances (part of Camino de Santiago) in Spain

This is a part of the world famous Camino de Santiago - the route many people around the globe choose to travel by foot. But Camino Frances or as they call it ’’The French way’’ can be a nice destination for cyclists as well.  This Camino covers some of the most striking parts of Spain and Galicia. Cycle through historic places such as O’Cebreiro, Burgos and Pamplona, and important pilgrimages towns such as Sarria and Arzua.

Since the rute is long, there are options to divide it in smaller routes, where each would take up to 7 days:
     ⦁ Roncesvalles, on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees, to Burgos in the heart of the province of Castilla-Leon.
     ⦁ Burgos through the mostly flat terrain of the spanish plains to the bustling city of Ponferrada. This is where you will see the imposing castle built by the Knights Templar.
     ⦁ Ponferrada over the glorious O Cebreiro Mountains to the lush green hills of Galicia and finally Santiago de Compostela.
By the way - each participant who has managed to cover more than 200km receives the Compostela certificate!


     3. Elbe cycling path

A route every German cyclist knows and has a special place in their hearts for it. This has been the most popular cycling destination in Germany for years. The Elbe Cycle Path is about 1,270 kilometres long and accompanies the river Elbe, second largest river in Germany, from its source in the Czech Sudeten Mountains to Cuxhaven, where it flows into the North Sea. As always, you can divide the path in shorter routes, we would suggest opting for 6-7 day long routes.

And we would also suggest calculating some extra time for you to get off your bike and explore some highlights and sight-seeing objects along the route. Just past the German border with the Czech Republic, the river flows into the sandstone outcrops in the Saxon Switzerland National Park in Germany. From there, the route proceeds straight to the Elbe Valley, offering up a spectacular view of the dramatic rock formations. Other highlights soon found along the way include the Semper Opera House and Church of Our Lady in Dresden.

The bike route is clearly marked, mostly paved, and traffic-free. Some sections of the trail are particularly manageable for children and beginning cyclists, such as the mostly downhill route from Dresden to its end in Cuxhaven.


     4. Baltic Sea cycle route

Traveling in the mountains is amazing, but how about traveling along the sea shore and listening to the calming waves and pine trees swinging in the wind?

The Baltic Sea Cycle Route runs through some of Denmark's most enchanting countryside, along country lanes, beside sandy beaches and across peaceful islands. Discover Denmark from the seat of a bike as you navigate our inspiring landscape. 

The route in total is 820 km long and is the longest in the National Cycle Route Network of Denmark. The Baltic Sea Cycle Route takes in the most stunning parts of southern Denmark, including both the west and south of Sjælland (Zealand), Møn, Lolland, Falster, Fyn, Lillebælt and Sønderjylland (southern Jutland).

But if you’re feeling extra adventurous, we’d suggest bringing the Baltic Sea cycle route to the next level and cycle around the entire Baltic sea! The coastline of the Baltic Sea takes in beaches, cliffs, woodland, ports and marinas as well as thousands of islands large and small. It passes through the different cultures that have grown up along the shores . It is an attractive destination and EuroVelo 10 will give you the perfect opportunity to get better acquainted with this corner of Europe.


     5. Romantic road in Germany

The only thing better than the name of this route is the scenery it will reveal along your travel! Fairytale castles and medieval towns — on this cycle tour along the Romantic Road you will feel almost brought back to the romantic world in 1850’s.The romantic vibes will lead you all the way throughout the route,.In between you cycle through beautiful natural landscapes with vineyards, raised bogs and dreamy beech forests, where you can relax far away from the hustle and bustle.

The distance is 440km and it is relatively flat in many of the stages (in fact, despite the fact that it goes into the foothills of the Alps, the overall difference in altitude is not particularly great - under 600 metres). It will lead you between Würzburg and Füssen in southern Germany, specifically in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, linking a number of picturesque towns and castles.


     6. Tauern cycle trail in Austria

The "Tauernradweg" trail stretches over 300 kilometres, at the foot of the impressive world of the Hohe Tauern, along the largest rivers in the county, to Salzburg and further on to Passau. If you are looking for a unique experience, you should take a closer look at this trail.
The trail is a bit more difficult, so prepare your helmet and consider this as a physically active holiday trip! Even if there were certainly some extreme athletes who could complete the Tauern Cycle Trail in one day, it is still possible to divide the 270km into several stages to see more than 100 natural attractions, excursion destinations.

A trail that would surely be unique in its diversity. If you are a cyclist, you can expect to experience something that will not be forgotten.
Enjoy the impressive panorama of the Hohe Tauern. Hang your feet in the cool waters of Lake Zell, while the surrounding peaks are reflected in the emerald blue water. Look up at the entrance to the Ice Caves, the largest ice caves on earth, while listening to the humming of your tires.



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