The Most Amazing Family Bike Ride: How to make it happen

The Most Amazing Family Bike Ride: How to make it happen

Great, you've taught your kids to ride a bike. What’s next? Teach them to ride in the great outdoors and plan your first family bike ride.

Light the flame of bicycle-riding passion in your kids in childhood, and it will stick with them for life. A love of cycling in kids develops a love for the outdoors, appreciation of nature and the environment we live in. It's great to hear that you're teaching your kids that cycling is a more friendly way to get around than other means of transit. As we say - ride a bike, save a planet. It's fun, it's healthy, and helps a good cause. But above all, it empowers and inspires the soul, and binds families closer together.

1. Keep your eye on the goal: having fun!

If after a ride you child says: ‘’This was awesome! Let’s do it again!’’,  then you can pat yourself on the back – you've reached the goal. Everything that you do during the bike ride must follow this goal.

2. Pick a destination: keep it short and simple

  • Create a map to the most beautiful park or outdoor space that's both close to nature and not too far from home - about 3-5 km. For the first ride it will be so fun to get to know the neighborhood by bicycle, and will strengthen the bond between your family and then environment you live in.
  • Make sure ride is away from busy traffic and has a relatively flat terrain - there's no sense in making it difficult for your little ones (refer to point nr. 1)
  • At the destination, organize a picnic and give a fun twist with a few games. You will agree, the road is more exciting if there are prizes waiting for you at the end.

3. Pre-ride Prep: a mission brief and safety tools are needed

  • Instructions brief: Explain the laws of traffic to your children, riding principles and give them the right feeling of ‘’who is the boss” on the road. Show them the map  to include them and keep them excited.
  • Clothing: dress your kids in bright and layered clothes. They'll be able to easily remove off a sweatshirt if they get too hot ar add a rain jacket if it should start to sprinkle.
  • A-B-C chek: make sure that the tires have enough Air, the Brakes work, and the Chain is oiled well.
  • Safety tools: bike helmets for everyone, first aid kit, bike tool kit.
  • Food and drinks: keep a bottle of water at hand and snacks on the way.

4. Enjoy the ride: it’s not a race

  • Take care of the children during the ride, but don’t forget to be smart, funny and praise for their effort. Give them a reason to smile.
  • Be patient, children are children. You might have to say “stay the right, please” 100 times.

You see, with a just a little preparation you can easily organize the most amazing first family bike ride. Just imagine all of the fun and great memories you'll be building with your children. So what are you waiting for, go for it!

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